Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What In Da Wawld?

What in the world da wawld have I been doing? Certainly not blogging. Man, I thought when my Draycare kids were done coming I'd have all this extra time on my hands, and in a sense I do, but I am LOVING being the mommy of two. My two. Besides that, I have a first birthday party to plan along with packing for three weeks at camp! "What in the world" is one of Snug's favorite expressions right now. He is also loving "garden candy" (sugar snap peas), a Little Einstein video, "Five Little Monkeys Jumping On the Bed" book, and Mommy potty time (I'll spare you the details on that).

SO, it has almost been a week since I blogged and maybe I was just prepping myself, and you, for my 3 week hiatus. I will be going to camp for three weeks and I doubt I'll get to blog. For one thing we're lucky to have electricity, let along Internet. Ok, Ok, there is electricity, but really I am not likely to have Internet access/time to blog.

Baby J took a three hour nap today. If you know Baby J, we are lucky to get 45 minutes of a nap out of him many days. THREE HOURS! I actually went in to make sure he was still breathing. He was. I guess an hour and a half of therapy today with three therapists wore him out. I mean, he's always tired after they've been here, but usually a 20 minute power nap later he's up and at'em. We had a nice burnt sacrifice lunch with my friend and her two boys and Baby J missed the entire thing. I burned it, not me. When #1 came home for a quick lunch and saw, he laughed. He said " you were talking and cooking, huh?" :o)

Baby J is 18 lbs 14.5 oz today. His EIS was surprised he hadn't hit 19 lbs yet and I told her about his "drinking problem" and how he is drenched after taking a sippy cup. He had three therapists here so they all got to watch him take a sippy and agreed that he is not a sippy cup candidate. They were not surprised based on what they already know about him. His suck, swallow, breathe is a bit off. His speech therapist is coming back Friday morning to watch him eat inhale breakfast and try a couple of special cups. Until he is successful at drinking yogurt (yeah, weird, right?) out of a cup he will be back on bottles (ugh). Oh well, I made a valiant effort, let me tell you! Other than some mouth motor things and some sensory issues we are dealing with, they are still so pleased with his development. He is pulling to a stand, getting into everything, saying "mama" and "da". He even was nice enough to exert the effort and "wave" bye bye to them. He does it kinda cute. You hold his arm out and if he feels like it, he'll tap his fingers against his palm. He gets a funny shy smile when he does it and hides his face. Cause he is so shy.

In other news, and not so nice news, if you live in Ohio you will want to take some action if you love your library as much as we do. Dear Gov. Strickland has announced that he will give each of our public libraries in Ohio a huge cut. Our library will get 50% less than they did last year to operate. Either our library fines are going to skyrocket (say, $10/day/book) or we need to take a stand against this. If you live in Greene County we already have had our pools closed and deep cuts have been made/are going to be made soon in our police and fire departments. WE ARE IN TROUBLE HERE FOLKS. If you'd like to contact the dear man who has decided this (his secretary was ticked when I called on Tuesday to hear from another concerned citizen) you may call him at (614) 466-3555 or e-mail him and click "contact". If you don't live in Ohio, I'm sure you're wondering "What in da wawld?" but, hey, I gotta get the word out somehow! Libraries are valuable!

Ok, off my political soapbox. On to #1. People have been asking me lately how he is doing in regards to his Graves Disease. He is doing pretty much as the doctors think he would. He gets blood drawn every few weeks and his medication changed often. He feels great in the mornings and afternoons, but by supper he is almost completely burned out. I guess that is how it is going to be most of the time from the sound of it. He is really good at hiding it in public, but when he finally is away from people, he collapses. I got his permission to write about this, don't worry. He was used to living on LOTS of extra energy and now he is kinda 'down' about his lack of energy. Again, very normal, but not very fun.

So I need to go back to packing/cleaning/cooking supper. I just wanted to let you know what was going on. Oh, and I haven't taken any pictures since last Wednesday night that I can think of. That is some sort of a record for me. Busy busy busy! If I haven't left a comment on your blog, I'm sorry. I have read-I read them ALL this afternoon, but didn't have time for comments...that was lots of catching up to do!


Mandy said...

How does Baby J do with a straw? When Grady was having his suck/swallow/breathe issues the developmental ped. and the therapists were thrilled to see him be able to do a straw cup. He was better at the straw than the sippy for a long time.
Grady was always exhausted after his therapies! :)

Anonymous said...

Great to hear from you. I was getting concerned and was going to call. But I am never sure what is a good time. AND I have to find my cell phone for the number -- which is always a challenge -- and then my "real" phone because the reception for cells up here isn't great. Got your pictures on my phone -- too cute! Can't wait till they come. Love, AB

Anonymous said...

I am coming throuh as Anopnymous because: #1 I can't remember my Google Account username
#2 Can't remember my google account password
#3 am tired of having them email it to me everytime I want to write to you, so I have this nifty new idea! AB

Anonymous said...

My mom is the head of the children's dept. in her town's I'm completely onboard with you about saving them!! They offer so many good programs for children and they even have classes to teach adults how to read....that can't be cut out of the budget, it's too precious and important!!!

Megan said...

So glad to hear Baby J is doing so well! Have fun at camp!