Monday, June 15, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Ok, well this past week has been a horrible, no good, very bad week. So, to de-stress, here are some things I have absolutely NOT been doing as of late...

*I did not have to come back and write that this is all due to MckMama and go to her blog to see other Not Me! Monday accounts. I did not completely forget to write that in this post. MckMama would be so disappointed in me.

I did not forget to do the June budget until the 4th...or the 5th. Dave Ramsey would be so disappointed in me.

We did not eat an entire cookie cake from #1's birthday (with a tiny bit of help from the Draycare kids) within 4 days. Jenny Craig would be so disappointed in me.

I did not drag #1 to a volunteer cookout ON his birthday. He did not have to work late, drive separately, and then sit with a bunch of old seasoned volunteers for the evening. Not Me. The social committee would be so disappointed in me.

I did not spank Snug the other day because he was acting terrible, only to find out a couple of hours later that he was quite sick. SuperNanny would be so disappointed in me.

I did not discover when looking through pictures I had taken over a 2 week period that the SAME laundry baskets with the SAME laundry were sitting in a corner of my living room. Martha Stewart would be so disappointed in me.

I did not have several youth group students get their sticky marshmallows for S'mores on me, and have the ash from the fire burn two tiny holes in my shirt. That was not the nicest shirt I own at the moment. I did not wear it to youth group. Liz Claiborne would be so disappointed in me.

I did not get five loads of laundry folded/put away, spend thirty minutes of one-on-one time with each of the boys, get the floor mopped, go to the library, and visit with one of my Draycare moms today...and I did not manage to get both boys down for a nap simultaneously (a miracle of late). Oh, I am so not disappointed in me!

It's a good thing I don't know MckMama, Dave, Jenny, the social committee, SuperNanny, Martha, or Liz, huh? :o)


suzannah said...

no one's disappointed...give yourself a break--especially after all that laundry:)

Anonymous said...

Bet you're NOT disappointed that THAT week is over! Too bad you're not perfect like the rest of us! Mom : )

Lauren said...

Martha Stewart would probably drop dead if she ever walked into my house. Laundry is my worst enemy! =)