Monday, November 9, 2009

Praying For Stellan and the MckFamily **UPDATE UPDATED**

Stellan is going in early for in the middle of DONE with his heart abalation. Please pray that his daddy is able to join his mommy very soon. Please pray for thank God for the wisdom on the part of the doctors and nurses. Please pray thank God that his little heart can handle handled the surgery! This surgery had never been done in the way it was, and never on someone so young, and it went better than they ever ever dreamed. If you want to know more of what is going on, you can check out his mommy's blog
or his mommy's tweets

In Dray news, Snug came down with a bug yesterday and doesn't feel well. He will be going went to the Dr. today at 2:15. According to the office he is exibiting almost 100% of the signs of H1N1, which is nice and yucky for him. He will be getting a mask before he goes into the office, and put in an isolation room away from other patients got a mask before we were allowed in the office and was put in an isolation room. We are hoping and praying that he does NOT have the flu He does NOT have H1N1 or any other flu!!!! We are praying that whatever he has Baby J, #1, and I do not get it. They think that he has a intestinal bug and a possible respitory infection. Praise God not the flu!


Amanda said...

Lots of praying going on today...

Hope your little one is able to fight that nasty bug and get healthy soon... try to load up on Vit D3... seriously... you will see DRASTIC improvements in 24 hours. I would get him on 2,000 units of a good quality D3 asap!


Kim M said...

Praying he gets rid of it quickly and praying protection for the rest of you. I've been praying all weekend and today for little Stellan.

Erin Morgan said...

Jenney - Have you decided if you're gonna get the H1N1 vaccine yet?

American History said...

We are praying for you.
We found this site helpful Check it; maybe it gives you a relief.
God bless you.

Deb said...

yay for good news! Thanks for the update. It's good to know that even if it is contagious to *those he may have been in contact with recently* that it's not the flu- especially h1n1.
Good to see you yesterday!

Cindi said...

Just thought you might want to know that if you decide to load Snug up with D3, they sell gummy D3's at Rite aid. My honey has been taking them, as he is deficient. He says they taste good and go down ok.

I have been fervently praying for Stellan and it's been amazing to see God work through him and their family.

I hope everyone recovers/stays well at your house. You're amazing how you juggle things so well. I need lessons!


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