Monday, November 30, 2009

It's Beginning To Look Somewhat Like Christmas

Ah, the joys of selling a house. Saturday (and Friday night) we rushed and rushed to get the house spotless before we left for #1's parent's house. We had another open house on Sunday, and would be getting home after it started. Actually, we timed it so that we got home just as it ended so we could speak with the realtor. One person came. They were less than interested.

Well, in all the rush I didn't get a CD made so I would have a clean camera card. I had NO camera space left on my little point and shoot, and somewhere in the cleaning/packing/organizing I have misplaced the charger for my nice Olympus I had been without a camera since last Monday or so. No Thanksgiving pictures. Even the pictures I have been posting for the last week or so were ones I had taken previously.

Along with those inconveniences of selling a house comes a BIG bummer this year. No Christmas tree. We really feel that putting a tree in our living room will make it look smaller than it is. I am doing my best to decorate and make the house look festive, but man is that hard. I thought about putting the tree up in the basement, but my mom pointed out that it might make people think that you can't put up a tree in the living room because it is too small. Well, that isn't the case, of course, but other people don't know that.

We will probably put up the tree Christmas Eve and have it Christmas day, partially decorated, and then take it right back down. If someone wants o view our house Christmas Day, the answer is no.

Today I took down all of the fall decorations and began planning how to make our house look Christmassy. I need to find our nativities and a few other things that I am missing, but basically it will be two or three Christmas village pieces placed up on top of our TV stand where Little Monkey Man cannot get to them, a few strategically placed knickknacks, our stockings on the fireplace, and our nice nativity (we have one that I use that is kid friendly to tell the Christmas story, but it will be down in our preschool area).

The other reason we are not going to do a tree is because we really think Monkey Man might try to climb it/undecorated it/tip it over. As you can see, he likes to be UP on everything. Today he decided to perch on each of the decoration totes. He tried them all out. The orange Thanksgiving one was his favorite :o)

One thing that is cheering me up is Mama Bear's 25 Days of Ornaments! Each day I will be posting a picture of an ornament and why it is special to us. #1 made me a CD today, so I was able to take my pictures and have them ready for December. It was nice to at least see my ornaments!

Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving Weekend!


Cop Mama said...

Oh, sorry about the Christmas tree. How about a smaller version, like those table top ones they sell? We had one back in my college days.

I know what you mean about Monkey Man. I actually call Cubbie "Monkey boy" because he's such a climber. Enough to make a mama go crazy!

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

I'm excited to see your ornaments--I'm joining in too!

MelArcile said...

You need one of those Charlie Brown Christmas trees this year!!
Oh, and why did I get a picture of a child by a Christmas tree on my phone today... I'm thoroughly confused.