Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Apple Pie Filling

Tonight, because I am a few fries short of a Happy Meal, I canned apple pie filling. Why is that so crazy? Well, because the photographer will be here at 9am sharp to photograph our house and we have our first showing tomorrow as well. One should always take on a large project right before company comes, shouldn't they?

This is NOT my house, I wish. This is a picture I took at the farm this past summer. I was very inspired to say the least. Not sure why there is paper and string over all of the jars (anyone?), but they canned everything they had grown in their garden. I, of course, only canned salsa from our garden this summer, but our garden is very small and we ate everything but the cucumbers and carrots right away. #1 was going to pickle the cucumbers, but never got around to it. I gave most away to the neighbors. I didn't can the carrots, I froze them instead to make baby food out of for baby #3.
So I've done salsa, applesauce, and now apple pie filling. Slowly, slowly my cupboard is filling up. I'd really like to know how on earth pioneer women (not the Pioneer Woman, I mean the originals) got everything done with little ones underfoot. My mom assures me there were enough relatives around to help out, but my word Monkey Man (aka Baby J) and Snug (who got really sick again tonight) are not an asset to canning. I am so afraid they are going to get burned. Snug absolutely loves "helping" in the kitchen and I give him as much as I can to do. I cannot imagine doing it with a fire and a wood burning stove. No thanks!
If you find apples for $0.50 a pound, you also might want to can some apple pie filling for this winter. Here is the recipe I used. I pieced a couple different ones I found online together:
4 1/2 c. white sugar (cause apple pie filling is really healthy)
2 Tbs. ground cinnamon
1 tsp nutmeg (I used a tad more)
2 tsp. salt
10 c. water
3 Tbs lemon juice
8 lbs sour apples (I like granny smith)
1 c. cornstarch (told you, HEALTHY)
7 quart sized jars/lids/rings
Canning tongs
Large stockpot
Canning Funnel
Medium stockpot
1. Make sure your rings, jars and lids are sterilized. Put them in your large stockpot you will use to can with the water just before boiling point. I'd recommend putting them in when the water is just warm and letting them warm with the water
2. Mix sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cornstarch in the medium stockpot.
3. Turn on the stove and start to add water and salt, stirring constantly. When the mixture starts to thicken (it will need to be boiling, and watch out, it happens fast!) remove it from the heat and add lemon juice.
4. Peel, core, and cut your apples into desired thickness. I would have used my apple peeler-corer-slicer, but it broke. Too bad. If you don't have one and you do much with apples, I'd highly recommend it hit your Christmas list.
As you cut them, drop them into a quart jar (take out of the hot water first), fill each jar until you get to the neck part, or a bit below.
5. Ladle the hot syrup into each jar as it if filled with apples. My ladle is a pretty standard size and it put about 6 ladles into each jar. As soon as you have the syrup in a jar, place the (hot) lid on and screw on a ring. I then place it back in the (not boiling but really hot) stockpot until they are all done. If you put a jar that is too cool into the hot water bath, your jar will break.
6. When your jars are done bring your water (at least 2 in. above the lids) to a rolling boil and boil 20 min. Not all of my jars fit in at once, so I had to do the process in two shifts.
7. When the 20 minutes is up, remove the jars and leave them to set for 24 hours or until a photographer comes to photograph your house for the internet. Store them in a cupboard out of direct sunlight.
*you will hear each lid "pop" as it sets. If you want to know for sure your filling has all "canned" after about an hour push gently on the top of your lids. If they do not "pop back" then the seal is good.


The Kampers said...

I think the paper, string, and frabric might have something to do with sealing the jars with parafin wax instead of the metal canning lids we use now. I have contiplated using wax, because you can reuse the wax again and again. Nice job, and of course you had to do it before the photographer got there:)

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about the parafin...on some things, my mom would put the parafin in and still seal it with a lid.....hmmm..I'll have to ask her about it...

I was just gonna say that maybe kids back in pioneer days had more work to do and they had TONS more space to go play...plus they knew if they wandered too far they'd either be in big trouble b/c work wasn't getting done, or the cows wouldn't get milked b/c the people responsible for that would be out looking for them....but that's just my opinion.... ;)

The pie filling looks YUMMY! :D

Amanda said...

Wow! Consider me impressed!!

Hope your showing goes AWESOME today!