Saturday, November 14, 2009


Last night (and again before lunch today) we taught Snug how to play one of my favorite childhood games. This is the original game board I learned how to play on at my Grandma Gingell's house when I was a little girl. We have a new one in the basement, but I thought it appropiate that he learned on the same board I did.
Here we are all set up to play. Snug was feeling rather well (wish I could say the same for today, sadly he is running a fever...again) and very excited to play a "big boy" game. We kept Monkey Man happy by putting him in his high chair and giving him another game made for toddlers that he rarely sees. It worked for almost the entire game.

Seeing as the game is for ages 6-adult, we had to help him out. He worked very hard (and did a good job) identifying the numbers and counting as his piece moved. Sometimes he moved it as we helped him count, sometimes he counted and we moved it. No matter, he was very happy to play. We also helped him understand a "good move" and a "not so good move" but let him decide for himself. He is already good at waiting his turn as we have played games with him since he turned two.

Towards the end he got really tired and we pretty much finished the game doing his last few turns for him. You may be able to tell by looking at him in these pictures that he has not felt well in many days. He is pale and has lost weight. His eyes just are not "right". Today is day 7...and we have an open house tomorrow so we will have to be out of the house for an extended amount of time. Hopefully he is better by then. His nap today is going on its third hour, which is good.
In case you are just dying to know, mommy won the game, with Snug coming in a close second. I know you were interested :o)


Erin Morgan said...

That was one of my favorites growing up too!!

Kim M said...

Oh what memories! How fun!

Cop Mama said...

I bet that made him feel like a big boy! I hope he gets better soon.