Friday, November 6, 2009

A Sign

We have a sign! Baby J Monkey Man* will sign "more" when he wants something...not just more of it, but in general if he wants it. This is HUGE seems how we've been showing him the sign for "more" and "please", "eat" and "no" since he turned one. He also sees signs for many other things. He knows what they mean too. If I sign "eat" he runs straight for the high chair and jumps around trying to climb up into it (one of the only things he can't get into yet.) If I sign "sleep" he runs away from his bedroom.

We finally got him to sign after 45 minutes of an ice cream temper tantrum. He wanted it, and he wanted it bad. We would give him a bite if he even touched his hands together a little bit. After finding out that kicking your feet and yelling wasn't going anywhere, he began to clap when he wanted another bite. Hey, we'll take clapping :o) So that is his improvised sign for "more*" is clapping. Now he walks around the kitchen clapping and opening his mouth. Very cute :o)

I am so very proud of him!!! He now says "ought oh", shakes his head "no", and signs "more". he was saying his own version of "look" but that has stopped for the time being. So many many things for one little guy to learn.

In the picture above he was eating lasagna...a mommy sized helping of it in fact. I must be craving carbs with this pregnancy because when #1 looked at the menu for the week it was almost all pasta dishes. He cracked up. I think it is partly due to the fact that Aldi has all of its Italian things on big sale in Oct/Nov and has special things (ravioli) that it doesn't normally stock. Or I'm craving carbs. :o) Still feeling just fine, not showing, and not gaining any weight. I'm 16 weeks today. I'm very tired quite a bit, but that is about it. I kinda wish the boys' pregnancies had been this easy. I can deal with tired :o)

Well, I've used enough smiley faces for 3 posts today...we're just having a good day here I think.

*We've decided to call him Monkey Man online. We call him "the monkey" quite a bit IRL. He CLIMBS on everything and is quite daring. He also makes a remarkably monkey like sound when he is excited or agitated. On top of all that, he has some adorable sock monkey toys that he very much Monkey Man it is :o) Have I ever mentioned his INTENSE love of bananas? This is in NO way related to evolution, I promise!

*The sign for "more" is touching the fingertips together with the hands shaped kinda like "o"s.


Kim M said...

So proud of Baby J!!! Wahoo for progress!!! Glad to hear you are feeling well too.

An idea for a new name for Baby J, how about "little guy J", of course if new baby is a boy and you begin his name with a j it might cause confusiion!

Love the post, smiley faces and all!
Aunt Kim

Megan said...

Good job Baby J!!! Glad to hear you are feeling well! I updated my blog again today to say that the Kodak free gift is on again in case you didn't get to read it in time last week. I don't why my updates aren't always coming through.