Friday, November 13, 2009

Two Sides

There are two sides to every story, often times, more. However, #1 and I laughed when we saw the professional pictures taken of our house on Tuesday. The realtor's side is big and open and spacious. His lens was magic. A very clean house. Now, I LOVE my house, but I KNOW it is not anywhere as big as the photos let on, and I KNOW it is not usually anywhere as neat and tidy (clean, yes). I thought I'd share some of the photos and added a few of my own-my side of the story!
This is what you see online.

This is what it looked like this morning about 9 am. You know, first thing in the morning :o) Oh, and there are no Draycare kids here. This is just the four of us. And really, this isn't bad. Not at all!

Online you see this kitchen. I think keeping the cupboards cleaned off might drive me to a slow death.

About thirty minutes before we show the house we have to quick clean up the whole kitchen, easily the most messy room in the house. This is post breakfast today...and really I still think it looks pretty good.

And here are a few more pictures just for fun. Again, the guy had a wild lens that made everything look lighter, brighter, and bigger than it really is. Hope it brings in lots of potential buyers!

I really hope when people see this they don't think that we have bought out Toys R Us. This is where my daycare spends 80% of their time when they are here and we can't be outside. On the other side of that yellow wall is where we do preschool at a table. When you have between 3 and 7 children at your house for the day, you need LOTS to do. And yes, I had 7 here just last Friday for about four hours. WOW was that busy.
In other news, Snug is possibly quite possibly doing better today. I've said that before, but he looks better. He has some color to him and his eyes are not...scary. He even wanted to paint. For the past few days he is either sacked out on the couch or wildly running around the house. No productivity in sight. Just wild or too mild.
Baby J has yuck yuck yuck diapers which are keeping me on my feet (in one picture you can see the stack of diapers I just washed...had to wash ALL of them after yesterday afternoon and this morning. He is also sleeping quite a bit. Now, that is lovely and all, but from the baby who we are blessed on a good day to get 9 hours of sleep from in a 24 hour period...sleeping 10-12 is really abnormal. Hopefully this is as bad as he gets. I can't say I am hating morning and afternoon naps from him though :o)


Megan said...

Your house looks great!

Amanda said...

Kinda neat to see the side by side!! Just in case you were wondering (which I SO know you werent but I thought I'd offer anyway) I did homestaging in my past life and could help you a bit with some minor tweeks that might help sell your house!

(please dont take that to mean I think you need to tweek it sell it...!)

Many blessings-

Beth Irish said...

Your house looks very nice. I hope it sells quickly for you -- preping for visitors is never fun. Hope the boys are both better soon. AB

Cop Mama said...

Good luck with the showings! I can't imagine running a daycare AND having to do showings on a moments notice. Oh, and I love the rubber ducky shower curtain, too cute!

CFMama said...


I also appreciate the "real life" views. I feel much better about my house when I see other people have the same problems. Hope it sells!