Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Esther over at The Mommy Diaries (I almost posted diapers, not diaries...can you tell I have laundry brain today???) Had a really neat post about Thanksgiving likes/dislikes/traditions. I thought I'd share! (With my answers, not hers. Click on her site to see hers!)

1. Which do you like better: hosting Thanksgiving at your home, or going elsewhere?
I really like to have Thanksgiving at our house. I haven't been able to do it the last couple of years, but having #1 and my families all here is really nice. Plus, I always have little ones who need to nap/toys/diapers so it is just a lot easier to have it at our house. One thing I've been eye balling when looking at houses online (or through windows if the house is empty) is how much table space there is. Can I seat at least 16?

2. Do you buy a fresh or frozen turkey? Organic? Free-range?
Frozen. As cheap as I can get it. And then I call my mom because I never remember how to cook it!

3. Do you make stuffing or dressing? What kind?

Isn't stuffing and dressing the same thing? What kind? Um, you cup up celery and bread and stuff and cook it. I don't cook it in the turkey...again, I think I go to my mom for help on this one. I don't personally like it so I bet I'd mess it up somehow.

4. Sweet potato pie or Pumpkin pie?
Ew, neither. I think sweet potatoes are gross and the only part of a pumpkin you will catch me eating is the seeds. How about APPLE pie???? My husband and Snug both love pumpkin pie though, and my MIL makes the best pies in the world.

5. Are leftovers a blessing or a curse?
A blessing! I always try to send some home with everyone because really our fridge is not huge and I hate it to go to waste. Leftover turkey makes such great cream turkey over biscuits or mashed potatoes. Besides, leftovers are for snacking on all afternoon as you watch football!

6. What side dishes are a must-have in your family?
Mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans, rolls, noodles, cranberry sauce/relish, pickles/olives, and cheese. Everything but the noodles were a tradition in my family growing up. I fell in love with Thanksgiving noodles when my husband and I met. YUMMY.

7. What do you wish you had that might make Thanksgiving easier?
More space for people to sit/be comfortable after dinner. That and a closer drive with our two boys for when we are not here on Thanksgiving.

8. If/when you go to someone else’s house for the holiday, do you usually bring a dish? If so, what is it?
Last year and this year we went/are going to #1's grandma's house. I took olives/pickles/and cheese last year, and I'll need to call here soon and ask what she'd like me to bring this time. I think those are not traditional Thanksgiving foods for everyone, but I can't imagine Thanksgiving without them.

9. What do you wish one of your guests would bring to your house?
Kids! I always have the only kids when Thanksgiving is at our house. Going to #1's grandma's house though there will be some cousins for my two to play with.

10. What do you wish one of your guests would NOT bring to your house?
Don't think I can answer this...

11. Do you stick with a particular menu from year to year, or do you mix it up?
Always the same menu. It is a traditional holiday! Even when I travel I make sure those dumb pickles/olives/cheeses make it on other people's menu! Really, couldn't I just eat them at home? Yep. But nope.

12. Is Thanksgiving a religious or secular holiday in your home?
Um. Well, Snug, Little M, and Little Miss E made turkeys today in our preschool session...and we read about some squirrels having a Thanksgiving celebration. Does that make it secular?
However, we stress to the kids the importance of being thankful for all the blessings God has given our family throughout the year, and even have a small 7x7 scrapbook that we take a family picture and write something we are especially thankful for that year. So religious?

*As a side note, aside from buying gifts on sale to be frugal, or hanging Christmas lights outside so we don't freeze if we get a warm Nov. day, we rarely do anything Christmassy until the day after Thanksgiving. I really think we need to be Thankful for what we have before blasting into the busy Christmas season. We always celebrate Christmas as Christ's birth, but along with it does come a tree, Christmas music, and gifts, and those seem to detract from the importance of Thanksgiving.

13. Share one Thanksgiving tradition.
When I was in high school, my brother and I used to run a 10K on Thanksgiving morning with our Cross Country team friends and then watch the parade downtown Detroit. We also growing up used to have a church family Thanksgiving dinner. Now, we really don't any tradition other than the meal. I guess making our "Thanksgiving" album page would be, but that is usually just me :o) Our new church is having a pie social a couple of days before Thanksgiving. If that is something they always do, that can become a new tradition for us!

14. Share one Thanksgiving memory.
Oh my. Just one? I remember many many Thanksgivings at my Aunt Beth's house. I don't ever remember doing Thanksgiving with my dad's side...I think most of them came to the church Thanksgiving dinner. We would almost always have a "kids table" and I'm sure I usually gave my cousin Jenny a hard time. My aunt always decorated the table so pretty. When I have Thanksgiving at my house, I always hope people will get the same memories being here that I did being there.

15. Name five things you’re thankful for.
1. Jesus Christ
2. My family and the new baby coming soon!
3. That Baby J/little Monkey Man does NOT have Celiac Disease and is doing so well right now.
4. Our country and the freedoms we enjoy
5. My Friends-both IRL and online. Hey blogging buddies, it is so nice to "visit" you each afternoon and some evenings. It gets very lonely being a SAHM and with having the daycare I don't often get to have playdates or any other "mom to mom" time (yeah for Mindy!).

Now it's your turn! Leave me a comment with your link, or just answer a few of the questions in the comment section so I can enjoy your answers too!


Don't forget to take my poll "Boy or Girl" Girl seems to be winning, hands down. Truthfully I am hoping for a girl more badly than I care to admit...but I just want a healthy baby. Besides, another boy 22 mos behind my little Monkey Man (who is 22 mos. behind Snug) would make cute stair-steps, don't you think?


Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Fun answers! I remember when we lived in Indiana, if there was chicken and noodles, they ALWAYS served mashed potatoes along side them. I though it was weird, but yummy weird!

Cop Mama said...

Before I was married at 30, my family only asked me to bring Green Bean Casserole since back then, it was the only thing I knew how to make :-)

MamaBear said...

Hey! Esther has a new profile pic! Oh did I say that out loud? Can you tell I rarely visit the actual blog these days?

I usually bring the relish tray as we call it - 2 kinds of pickles and then black and green olives. It's tradition on my mom's side. On the other side I try to bring some sort of side dish that I know we'll like since we don't like the ones other people bring. There I go again...saying things out loud again!

Beth Irish said...

You made my day Jennifer! Those dinner memories are good for me too. I don't know how to take your quiz, but one tradition that I miss is having you and Nathan and your folks on T Day. I think you know I am voting for GIRL. but, BOY is an excellent second choice and I would love him to bits. Say Hi to Matt, seems like that boy is never part of the conversations! AB

Amanda said...

How neat!! I have always just associated Thanksgiving with food... until I had my own family that is. As you so sweety pointed out, there is much more to it!