Saturday, January 9, 2010


Anything is better than that picture of my midsection! And since on some people's blogs *ahem* whatever the first picture on my post is shows up on their sidebar...I had to post something different.

So enjoy this picture of Snug with his Godfather (is that supposed to be capitalized?) at a wedding #1 was in this fall. Actually, he and his wife are moving to Chicago this week and we will miss them dearly. Things are just changing so much around here, and it is really hard. We will miss you guys!!!!


Cop Mama said...

Gee, that wouldn't be MY blog you're talking about, would it??? Hey, mama belly's are adorable!

I can't believe how grown up Snug looks in the pic. What a handsome little boy!

Sorry you have so much upheaval right now. Just remember, God's by your side every step of the way!

suzannah said...

adorable! love the faux-hawk:)