Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy Things

Cop Mama gave me this award a few weeks ago, and I am finally getting around to it. So sorry!
Things have been a bit hectic and I am lucky to sloppily get a post up in a spare moment or two. She will notice I took a few of her happy things as my own because, well, they also make me happy! Today I won't tell you about the awful ensemble I wore to the library, the man who practically barged into our home while I had 5 children here and no husband, or how hard it is to get a wiggly 26+ lb boy up and into a crib these days. Instead:

Ten Things that Make Me Happy:

1. Knowing that I am having a GIRL
2. Potty trained children
3. Having friends over for pizza
4. Playing games (with adults, not children, although I do enjoy that in limited quantities)
5. Camping/going to camp
6. A good night's sleep
7. Hot chocolate
8. Watching TV series on DVD with my husband
9. Getting my Bible study done in the morning before my kids or daycare kids are here running around. (This is VERY hard to do)
10. Blogging-reading blogs

At this point I am supposed to list 10 other bloggers who win this award and do the same post, but many many of you have already done it. If you'd like to list 10 happy things, PLEASE do. I know, I'm a cheater!

And Mindy, if you are reading today, YOU ARE A LIFESAVER!!!! THANK YOU. Oh, and never ever let me go out the door again looking like I did today. Feel free to tell me I need to change. Cause I so so did!


Jenilee said...

congrats on your award!!

CFMama said...

That's a pretty good list you got there. And is your page really snowing? So cool!

Cop Mama said...

Congrats!!! You deserve it!

Great list. Bible study, I know, I'm struggling to keep up with mine too!

One question, what's the deal with: "the man who practically barged into our home while I had 5 children here and no husband" ???

suzannah said...

potty-trained childREN? please tell me your secrets. dylan seems less and less interested in training with each passing day, and i'm so bummed i was big, uncomfortable, and pregnant and missed the early window this summer!