Monday, January 4, 2010


I am supposed to be getting ready for an inspection. Some inspector person is coming to look at our house and decide if it is livable for the next family. He is coming at 1pm and supposedly staying till 4pm. He doesn't want us home, but really, I have a home daycare so we told him he is more than welcome to come, inspect, pick apart, and report back, but we will not be leaving. That just isn't an option. Instead of getting ready for said inspection (really, how do you get ready? Either the plumbing and electric are to code or they are not. I suppose washing the kitchen floor would be a good start) I had to post some pictures.
Our youngest son has great hair. It is very soft and workable, and we are so hoping that Hannah has the same hair. Yes, #1 knows I took these pictures, he assisted in fact. We were laughing so hard. We will have to see how much he and his new little sister look the same in 21 months!
When Snug saw these pictures he said "Why is Little Monkey a gay-url now? Why is hims wearing lady hair?" I busted up laughing. I told him it was just to be funny. He didn't think it was funny. Little Monkey thought it was hilarious. We'll see how he feels when he is 10.

Ok, this is his hair in his new ball pit he got from #1's parents for Christmas. It makes his hair stick up in all directions. It is so cute.

Look very carefully at the top of his head. See? Hilarious.

And then there is bath time. If you have a little one who has to keep earplugs in while doing water activities, I would highly recommend this "Ear Band-it". You can search it online, I'm not going to take the time to find the link.
Yep, this boy has some awesome hair. And quite the grin to go along with it!


Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

He is so cute I could just take a big bite out of him. Zachie had beautiful hair too--thankfully Emma has the same hair!

!♣!F®om †he In§ide ou‡!♣! said...

I just about tinkled on Snug's comment about the 'lady hair' LOL ;) I love the silly stuff they say at this age!! :D

Cop Mama said...

Ha, love the pigtails! That is total blackmail material for when he's 14 :-)

Ball pit...what an awesome Christmas present!

All Things Family said...

oh my goodness..he is like Zaden..would make a pretty little girl!

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.