Thursday, January 21, 2010

Moving Week: Thursday

Today is the biggest moving day of the week. Lord willing, all of our furniture will be moved to the rental house today. We have three guys coming to help #1 accomplish as much of that task as possible. We plan on spending the night there tonight, so last night was probably our last official night at this house. I am posting at 6am because I really doubt I will have any time later today to do so.
Being the last night in this house, it was also this little boy's last night in a crib. We are going to move his big boy bed into the rental and make the transition that way. New place, new bed, no big deal? We'll see!
We are all very excited about today (except Snug, he is not really thrilled with the whole idea) and it is going to be a BUSY one. Yes, I still have Draycare today. And guess what? It is a late start day which means, on top of the three I normally have, I have three "big kids" as well until 11am. Yes, eight children will be in this house we are moving out of until 11am. They will play/have preschool (if applicable) in the playroom side of the basement as that is not going to be a high traffic moving area today. I kinda figure that it will keep me from moving/lifting/trying things I should not be doing at 27 weeks pregnant. I will have my hands full of kiddos, not boxes. Definitely a better option for the baby and my health.
Thanks for all your prayers, maybe tomorrow I will have pictures of a new big boy bed and some of the other rooms.

**Did you see the painting behind Little Monkey Man's head? My mom did that for the nursery before Snug was born. I am going to miss it because it is beautiful!


Kim M said...

I will be praying you through the day and the weekend. Stay calm (yeah right!) and enjoy the adventure. Hope you didn't pack the camera - I bet you can get some really got shots along the way.

Cop Mama said...

How exciting! I know moving can be stressful. Take care and take it easy.

The painting is adorable. Maybe she can come and paint a new one? BTW, LOVE Monkey Man's expressions!

Megan said...

Happy Moving Day! The painting your mom did is amazing!