Saturday, January 23, 2010

Moving Week: Friday &Saturday

Ah, all moved in...or not. But we are getting there. Here are some pictures from the last couple of days. We won't have phone or internet till the 29th at the rental house. I think seems how they don't even have to come out to either property to do anything that is a bit long to wait, but I just let it go.

Here is Little Monkey Man enjoying his first meal at the rental. We did hotdogs on the George Foreman as I wasn't feeling very "cooking" that first evening.
Snug was thrilled that he had hot dogs and chips and nothing else for dinner. That was his kind of meal!

And Little Monkey Man got his big boy bed. I have similar pictures of when Snug got his. I was just a month shy of starting blogging when Snug got his big boy bed, so I don't have a post to link to. VERY soon though I can link back to when Snug was the same age as Little Monkey.

Someone was excited to get a new bed. My mom made the sheet, and I made the pillow case out of leftover scrap from his quilt (coming when grandmommy gets back from Florida).

Look how BIG he is! I can't believe it. There was blood curdling screaming for the first 30 minutes after we put him to bed that night, and after awhile he settled down and slept just fine. Nap time yesterday was a little harder. It took about 45 minutes and several times out of bed. Last night he climbed in and slept all night without a peep.

Here is the view in the boys' room. Their little matching beds are so cute! There is also a dresser in there, but we really are not going to decorate (still have to paint this room as part of our rental contract) or do anything else because we will be moving again so fast.

Little Monkey Man, being the adventurer that he is, loves the empty cabinets in the kitchen. I am loving all the cabinets period. Our old house had very very few. I told him not to get used to it because A) not everything that goes IN those cabinets is unpacked yet and B) the house we are really looking at/going to put an offer in on doesn't have nearly this many. In the meantime he has a great time getting in and out and in and out.
Either tonight or tomorrow we are going to put in an offer on a house we saw recently. #1 and I went back without kids today to look at it closer and decided (except for the location...I personally wasn't wanting to switch towns) it really fit everything we have been looking for. In fact, it is VERY similar to the house we just sold, only bigger. It even has twice the yard. I will have to make new friends but we won't have to switch churches or anything, and I still plan on going to our old library/grocery stores/bank. Everything is a mere 10 minutes away.
IF they accept our offer (and counter offers and all that junk). I have to remember that we might not get that house. And that will be OK too because that means there is something better out there. Thank you for all your prayers, God has been so generous with us. We never expected to live in such a nice rental, and this other house, if it goes through, will come available to move into just a few weeks before we have to be OUT of the rental, giving us time to paint and make any adjustments. We may even be bringing a new baby into our own house and not a rental. That would be nice!
Like I said, I don't have internet or phone...just if I am the one to stop by our old house and feed our dogs will I be able to check my e-mail quick. I will MISS reading all of your posts, they are so much fun. I promise when we get internet at the rental I will take the time to read what all has been happening in your lives. I will miss you!!!!


Cop Mama said...

Yay, you're in!!! Congrats on the move. I hope you get the house too. I'll keep you in my prayers.

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

I was thinking of you yesterday, wondering how your moving was going. Monkey Man looks so cute in his bed! Praying for you, that everything goes smoothly!

Anonymous said...

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Cop Mama said...

Just stopping back to say, we miss you! Hope everything is going smooth with the move. Take care friend!

All Things Family said...

OH you are a brave brave soul! I bought a second crib on craigslist before Kellam was born because i was so not ready to think about Zaden in a toddler bed...and I'm still not! Brave brave soul!