Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Snow Much Fun

So we didn't get tons, but enough to have another 2 hour delay today. This time it was because the city didn't clear the roads...ours still hasn't been plowed. Now, with a little over an inch it isn't usually a big deal, but #1 worked last night and I guess the roads were awful.
I took the kids outside to get some fresh air. I was surprised at how much Little Monkey Man liked it. When Snug was this age he wasn't a huge fan of walking around in a snow suit and big boots. Until he would fall over though, Monkey was very happy. After being set back on his feet, he was good to go.

I haven't been posting pictures of my Draycare kids because more and more people read this and I want to protect their privacy, but I don't think Little M could be readily recognized in all his winter attire!

Snug and friends played tag, made snow angels, and ran around until Little Miss E got cold and needed to go inside. Taking off your mittens to better feel the snow will do that to you every time! The boys were pretty upset to be going back in so soon, but since my snow pants did NOT zip, and my ski jacket barely went on I was also ready to go back in-I was feeling a bit pinched.
We just had snow much fun!
We had our house inspection today. I was kinda nervous because although we didn't know of any problems, that doesn't always mean there aren't any.
Three people came.
Man #1 walked in the door and asked who went to Cedarville University because his dad teaches there and he used to teach there. Then he wanted to know who the Michigan fan was. I was guilty on all counts :o) He was happy I had gone to Cedarville, not so thrilled with the Michigan bit! Anyway, we knew lots of the same people etc, etc.
Man #2 walked in and asked who was in law enforcement. I guess these guys know their stuff because they knew that much about US from our van in the driveway. They are what you call observant. Anyway, man #2 used to work for the county and knew my husband.
Man #3 walked in and is the realtor for the family who will be buying our house. I'm sure he was super happy to see we were already chummy with the inspectors who were working for him. He was a very nice man though, and knew the former owners of our house (he did the paper work in fact because we didn't use a realtor that time) and everyone else on the block. He says a really nice family is moving in which made me happy because we love our current neighbors and want nothing less for them.
In the end they found no problems and it was only an hour long. Would have been shorter if we hadn't chatted. The kids slept through the entire thing. It looks like we're just one more step towards moving out in 15 or so days!


Meadowlark said...

When we bought our 1959 ranch-style home, the inspector walked up and said "Hey, I know the guy who built your fireplaces". Surprised we said, really, how? (because we knew the homeowner had built most of the house himself). He responded "because in 1959 there were only 3 stonemasons in this town, I was one and I didn't do it, if number two had done it your fireplace would be falling down, so it was #3, who actually was the best of all". We were stoked.

Glad the inspection went well. We don't have anything at our house that would mark us as LE, although we have quite a few Marine Corps things.

Met you at Cop Mamas, I think.

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

I'm so glad the inspection went well. The snow must have missed us completely--we didn't get any! :-)

MamaBear said...

Monkey Man's smile is PRICELSS!!!!

Loved the rundown of the inspection - crazy small world sometimes isn't it?

where am I going to send mail in 15 days? Because you know, I haven't had months to send you that book AND the next two weeks to do it and all...just wouldn't want you to have ONE more thing to move :)

Cop Mama said...

The kiddos are so adorable all bundled up.

Ok, Jenney, it's about time you posted some cute pics of your prego belly! Nothing too revealing, but seriously, I bet you are way cute with a mama belly!