Thursday, January 7, 2010

Let It Snow, Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Well if you didn't immediately CLOSE your browser after seeing this first picture, welcome to winter wonderland! Several of my online friends have been e-mailing me or posting comments that they want to see how big my belly is. Under normal circumstances I'd be completely flabbergasted at this request, but given that I am 25 weeks pregnant...well here it is folks. Very flattering. This is me trying to get on my girls size XL snow pants. I think a woman's size XL would be appropriate. My ski jacket, which does still manage to zip, is a Youth size 18/20. I'm not planning on being able to put this lovely ensemble together in February.
Although Little M is deathly afraid of our dogs, Chester did get to make an appearance because he has been begging to play outside with the boys. Our dogs are 1/2 husky and they love the snow. They love to run, and jump, and eat, and wrestle in it. They love that they can get a big lick in and the boys can barely walk let alone get them away. Chester is extremely obedient and he left Little M alone, so he had no need to be scared. He's mostly into his own boys anyway. Our other dog, Lucy, would have been at the local elementary school by the time I had the camera out, so I didn't bother letting her in the front yard to frolic.

The snow is yet another opportunity to wrestle with daddy, and everyone piled on him and laughed when he threw them off. I think Chester was his biggest competition actually.

In these pictures you can still see grass, but we've received at least two more inches since the kids were out and you won't be seeing the grass anymore! Little Monkey managed to figure out how to get up after falling down. When I took these pictures the other day, he'd fall and then grunt and fuss until we picked him up. I guess we didn't rescue him fast enough today because he managed to get himself picked up.

#1 decided to shovel the driveway and sidewalk. All the kids decided to take the shovel and use it in the yard. It really didn't matter that he never finished, because what little bit he did manage to do is completely buried.
Snug was very serious about his shoveling. He never complained about being cold even though his face was beet red by the time we got done. (Why beet red? Aren't beets purple? Shouldn't it be like radish red?)

Chester took a time out with Little Monkey Man. He was very nice not to lick at him while he was down. What a good dog. Actually, it used to be that he rarely would lick their faces at all but both boys encourage it and I've decided to quit punishing the dog for something his "other owners" are rewarding him for.
School let out 2 hours early to ensure that the kids got home safe. I'm sure my Minnesota and Northern Michigan friends think that is pretty funny, but we are far enough south in Ohio that when we get more than 3 inches the road crews don't do a great job at clearing it. Along with that, it has been snowing for 7 hours and supposed to go at least another 5. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


The Alburger Family said...

Cute belly!! Looks like you all had fun in the snow! :-) Tell #1 hi (Dan got a new bike so if they ever want to do their road trip... he's set).

Anonymous said...

That's how I looked last year when I was pregnant w/ my 3rd :-) You look great!
Jennifer Davis...

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

How fun--I loved seeing your belly! Reminds me of the winters I was pregnant with Ethan and Zach!

Our Katie is part Huskie too!

Cop Mama said...

Yay, Baby Belly shot!!! Little mama, you take it easy runnin around outside after those kiddos.

Monkey Man is so snuggly in his little snow suit!

MamaBear said...

Yeah for baby belly photos! I was always newly pregnant in the winter so snowpants weren't an issue for me.

Our dog is part husky too and L.O.V.E.S the snow!

Megan said...

We actually have a little snow today too! TN snow though so that means once 7 flurries are seen they close the schools and everyone flocks to the stores to buy bread and milk. I won't show Matthew your pictures because he will be too jealous, he doesn't know what he is missing!