Sunday, August 21, 2011


 Because our summer is quickly coming to an end.
 Because next spring her little feet should easily reach the pedals.  (This picture is very deceiving...she isn't anywhere near being able to use this trike as it appears!)
 Because I can't believe how much he is growing and how fast he is changing.  I swear his vocabulary doubles weekly!
 Because he starts kindergarten this week.
Because sometimes they all sit nicely together and get their picture taken (despite dirty faces).

Sometimes I take pictures just because.

**Help help fellow Blogger users.  I can't upload the last picture in this post to be my header picture.  It says I have used up all my upload space and need to pay them $5 to upload anymore...but I can upload pictures just fine to the blog.  What gives?


Jenilee said...

I have no idea! how annoying is that?? hope you figure it out soon :(

CM said...

I've heard of other bloggers running out of room on Blogger. I use Flickr. It's free unless you want to upload more than I think 250 pics. All of my pics are linked to Flickr now on my blog. That way, you can never run out of room on Blogger. I did pay for the yearly upgrade so I can have unlimited photo downloads.

My suggestion would be get a free Flickr membership, upload that pic, then get the HTML code or link and try loading it to your header.

mrs. fuzz said...

I can't believe how grown up your baby is!! Time really does fly, doesn't it?

Rebecca said...

wow how time flies! love the dirty face pic!
as for blogger, CM might be on to something. I use photobucket so I can watermark my pics and they are linked into my blog. it was also free.