Friday, August 19, 2011


I get so tired of crying.  I hear crying a lot at my house.  Fit throwing, hurt feelings, pinched fingers, toys confiscated, over tired crying.  Seriously.  Too much crying.

Rosebud has taken to crying about eating veggies.  She is quite insulted when on her plate appear only her veggies until they are gone.  Many many a tear have been shed.  If it isn't canned green beans or steamed broccoli, she's not interested.  While those are all good and well (ok, I personally HATE giving my kids store canned veggies at all, but the no salt kind are handy once in awhile) she needs to broaden her horizons.

Little Monkey Man cries about bigger issues like being locked in the bathroom, having to go to bed, and not getting his own way.  He loves to close and lock the bathroom door.  However, he never seems to remember how to get out.  I sweated it out and got a little scared myself the first couple of times and talked him through unlocking it.  Now it is just plain annoying and I let him sit in there and scream and cry until he decides to pull himself together and think it through.  He's been told to not close let alone lock the door.  I figure that is for him to learn.

Snug is more of a cry because I-am-over-tired-and-I'm-not-getting-my-own-way kinda guy.  He's also kinda sensitive and I have a feeling when school starts we'll be getting tears over others' comments.  I was like that, I remember.

I just feel like crying because of pregnancy hormones and because I'm over tired.  I'm awake a good chunk of every night (just like I was with Rosebud) and that doesn't lead to a happy mama in the morning.

But I'm also nesting.  I have cleaned out (read: sorted through/organized/thrown away/donated) 1/2 our basement, both the kids' rooms, a hall closet, and one bathroom.  The rest of the house better WATCH OUT.  I still have our room, the garage, one bathroom, and the kitchen to go.  The other half of the basement was already done in the spring and until I know what gender our baby is I really can't get rid of much.   I am NOT crying about the sentimentals I'm throwing away.  Not much anyway.

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