Monday, August 1, 2011

Camp CedarRidge The Dunes

 Eight years ago #1 proposed to me at Lumberman's Monument Dunes.  It is only a little bit down the road from camp, and we always visit there when we can.
 When you first get there the visitors center has a great display of logging stuff (very technical, I know) along with explanations of what life was like for the lumberjacks.  When I was a camper, I LOVED climbing on this stack of logs.  Now my kids enjoy the same ones.
 After a half mile or so walk, you come to the actual dunes.  This is a view of the AuSable and the main dune.
 Our library has a photo "contest" this summer that you take the library mascot's picture with you on vacation, snap a picture, and upload it.  Then everyone can see where "Booker the Fox" went.  I say "contest" because a winner is drawn at random, it isn't a who-took-the-best-picture thing or anything.  But I think my kiddos would win for cutest!
 Playing on the dunes.  Snug got in trouble because he thought it would be fun to bury his crocs in the sand and then have us look for them...I was not impressed.  I really thought we'd never see those shoes again!
Grandmommy and Rosebud stayed at the top of the dunes.  At this point we didn't have a life jacket for Rosebud, nor was I carrying her back up the dunes once she reached the bottom.  
There's the bottom.  W A Y down there.  We took the boys down, and then after playing in the water, canoed back to where we keep the camp canoes.  My brother and sister-in-law drove to the canoe landing, canoed (while towing a canoe) to the dunes and picked us up at the bottom.  None of our family had to climb back up  :o)  It was about a 30 minute canoe trip back to the landing, and the boys were thrilled to get to be back in the boats.

Anyway, this is one of my favorite places on earth, and I think #1 picked a beautiful place to propose, don't you?

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