Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Big Fish Stories

Both boys love to fish.  They must get it from their Grandpa Dray and Grandmommy, because they sure don't get it from daddy or mommy!
Both boys have fishing poles, and were eager to try them out this summer.  Snug is clearly pleased with his catch!

Here is Little Monkey Man and his big fish.  He caught the biggest fish all summer.  Snug catches lots of fish....LMM  catches the big one.
 Snug is more than happy to brag on his brother too.  He and LMM take turns telling everyone about their fishing adventures.  They tell some big fish stories too.
 The pictures above were all at #1's aunt's house.  They have a fishing pond and the boys had a great time.
The pictures below are from my aunt's cabin.  They live on a lake, and there is also good fishing off their dock.
 If your pole isn't ready, just lay down and try to catch some by hand.  They made me nervous.
 Waiting and waiting for fishing time!  (Ok, they maybe waited 5 minutes)
 This picture is really fuzzy.  I like that Uncle Alligator made the shot.  Also, it shows that Grandmommy is the worm lady.  I helped for awhile, but got lightheaded standing up and sitting down and leaning over.
 One of Snug's fish (he claims he caught hundreds).
And, of course, LMM caught the big one.  He also caught another big one a few days later, but I wasn't there so I don't have photo proof.  If you ask how big his fish were, he'll open his arms as wide as they go and claim they were that big.  Big fish stories I tell ya!

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Anonymous said...

Hahahha! I love fishing...but never get to go! :) Super cute pics, your boys are just growing up so fast!!!