Wednesday, August 3, 2011

County Fair 2011

This morning it was overcast and in the 70's.  We decided it would be the perfect day to go to the fair.  #1 had some things to get done in the yard first so we decided to go after naps.  It was a bit warmer, around 80 when we left home, but still overcast.  Know what?  Not 10 minutes after we got to the fair the sunshine came out and it was blazing hot.  Of course.  
 So we sweated our way through the fair.  My favorite is always the goats.
 Rosebud's favorite was her pink balloon (Snug and LMM also chose pink) but it came untied not from her wrist but from the actual string, so she only had it for awhile.
 So we spent the most time in the goat/sheep barn.  Cause it is my favorite.  And I'm the mama.
 After he got over the initial shock of the smell, LMM loved the pigs.
 Each hog I guess they are technically called, got a lovely nose poke.  When they would object or whatever it was they were "oinking", he'd laugh and say "he SNORTED me!" I was laughing.
 This is a steer.  This is my 15 1/2 month old sitting on the steer.  This is actually a friend of our's steer.  Can it also be called a cow?  But I do know it is a steer.
 COSI (an Ohio science museum) on wheels was at the fair this year and the kids got to do some fun things with magnets.
 Not only did they get some animal facts (you know, from their mama who knows oh so much about their technical terms) they got a science lesson.  Well worth their free admission, don't you think?
 Not sure why all the smiles about the homemade ice cream.  They did enjoy it, I promise!
 Smile time!  Each boy got to choose one ride.  LMM saw a firetruck to ride in and knew exactly what he wanted to do.
 Snug wanted to ride EVERYTHING.  He finally settled on this alligator? ride.  He would have loved to have ridden something much more...thrilling...but he was too short to ride most things without an adult, and then we would have had to pay for another rider.  At the price of the rides, that was not happening.
 Her ride in the backpack was about as thrilling a ride as she had.  About halfway through the fair daddy was tired of babywearing and went to the van for the stroller.  Not as thrilling of a ride...but comphy!
 When we went to the horse barns the kids fell in love with the kittens.  I can't say the kittens fell in love with them...but a few sick ones who weren't fast enough to get away each got a snuggle.
 Snug made sure everyone got a turn petting the kitties.  Mommy made sure everyone had hand sanitizer* after each pet.    *I am not a big fan of hand sanitizer due to the fact that overuse can lead to mega strains of certain things I won't get into here...but in super dirty situations or when people are handling my newborns I am a believer
 So we went to the county fair and we pet sick kittens.  But hey, it was fun!
 Seriously check out that face (both the extremely happy boy and the kitten who isn't going to live to see Saturday.)
Oh look!  A horse in the horse barn!  
A good HOT time was had by all.  And now they are all in bed NOT sleeping because they rode around in a stroller instead of walking the whole time.  However, the whining was kept to a minimum so it was well worth it.  Hope you get to visit your county fair too.  Go support the 4-H kids, eat some junk, and take your hand sanitizer!  :o)


Esther said...

Poor kitties. :-( And a cow is a cow. A steer is a boy cow. A heifer is a girl cow that gives milk.

I grew up on a farm. :-)

CupcakeLiz said...

LOL at you and the hand sanitizer..I'm the same way, so it makes me're a brave momma, I cringed as soon as you said sick kittens...*shiver*...poor babies. The goats are my favorite part of the fair too! Especially if anyone has the dwarf goats!! Super cute! :)

nancy said...

It always seems to be Hot at the fair. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing!

CM said...

How fun! Just look at MM in the ride, you can tell he loved it.

And I totally agree with the hand sanitizer. We also use baby wipes for hands.

Jenilee said...

so much fun!!! where was the fair? we haven't been to one since we've lived here. we need to take the girls to one soon!