Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Projects With Daddy

 While we were out of town for the weekend (I'll post police softball pics later) for a tournament, a large tree in our backyard was struck with lightening and lost a huge branch.  Above is some of the wood.  We also have about twice that pile out back that needed someplace to go that we already had.

 #1 priced out a firewood rack and didn't want to pay what it cost so he looked up some directions online and decided to do it himself.
 I guess I should say himself loosely.  He had three willing helpers.  Everyone wanted to play with the drill, the circular saw freaked Little Monkey Man out (his sensory processing disorder still causes problems and he spent much of the time with his head in my lap) and I'm a little nervous there may be screws still in the driveway to find my tires!
 Rosebud was in charge of screws.  She spent about 40 minutes taking them in and out of the box.
When it was in three large pieces, the boys helped daddy carry the pieces to where it is to be assembled as it is really heavy now that it is assembled.  
I didn't get any pictures of the finished result, but the wood isn't on it yet anyway.  You can use your imagination.  It looks nice  :o)

Projects with daddy are always fun.  Especially when they involve power tools  :o)

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