Monday, August 8, 2011

Snug's Birthday

 Over the weekend Snug turned five.  FIVE!!!!  We had a pancake breakfast and presents when he woke up.
 Snug has a good sense of humor.  He put this on his head and said "Look!  I'm "Rosebud"!
 He was very excited to get "big boy" Legos.
 He had a friend birthday for the first time.
 He wanted a Toy Story birthday, and this is the cake I made.  I love making my kids' cakes!
 We had the party mostly outside-we did crafts inside, but other than that the weather was hot and beautiful.
 He had five friends over, plus he and Little Monkey Man.  We played several games and I tried to make them Toy Story related.  Here the kids were Slinky Dog's head and tail and they had to toss a water balloon between them without it popping. lasted not so long!
 This is pin the parts on Mr. Potato Head.  There may or may not have been some cheating...
 Snug thought it was a really funny game.
 I think it was my favorite game!
 The end result!
 After roasting hot dogs on the fire (one child at a time with #1 closely monitoring) we had cake and ice cream.
 Rosebud took a nap through most of the party as she has a terrible cold and I didn't want to share her germs with the kids.
 After naps and time at the pool, we met up with #1's parents for ice cream at a local dairy.
 The kids were thrilled to get ice cream and to see their grandparents.  Did you know there are gluten free ice cream cones?
After ice cream we went out to feed the goats (ok, that is my favorite part!).
Rosebud still wasn't feeling great, but she does love the goats.  That's my girl!

So Snug had a full, fun fifth birthday.  Can't believe he's five!


Deb said...

You didnt mention that some of his friends came all the way from NJ for his party. well. I guess we came from Michigan this weekend. hahaha. It was SO great to see you guys and celebrate with Snug!
Happy Birthday Snug! Being 5 is so fun!
We miss you all!

Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun, I love the cake! Great job!!!

Aunt Kim

Jenilee said...

that cake is so incredible! what a cute idea!!! good job :) and Happy Birthday little guy!