Saturday, August 20, 2011

Police Softball

 The Sterling Heights tournament is always fun.  The fields are shady and bathrooms close.  As a mama those things are important!  My family is close enough to stay with and then make the drive daily to the fields.  I looked back at last year's post and I was shocked at how BIG my kids have gotten this year.  This is Snug showing off his new handcuffs.  He had to show "the guys".
 This is a favorite tournament also because the purpose of it is to remember fallen officers and their families.  Several families were present this year who have lost an officer since last year's tournament.  It is always very humbling to stand during the ceremony and hear all the names read.  I get choked up when a child of a fallen officer is chosen to throw the first pitch to start the tournament.  You always pray your child isn't throwing the ball next year.
 While in Michigan we also celebrated Snug's birthday.  Along with handcuffs he got a new quilt for his bed.  My mom made it and he loves it. Something must have been on my lens, and I didn't realize it.
This picture has nothing to do with anything (besides the fact that Rosebud wears the handcuff keys on a pink string around her neck).  She just loves the camera.  (Panda ears from Grandmommy's vacation Bible school).

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Jenilee said...

homemade quilts are the best... Elayna has one and she loves it!