Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Just Another Tuesday? Never!

OOO I haven't done one of these in awhile. Tuesdays at my house seem to be a bit hairy. I never made a "label"* for "Just Another Tuesday?" posts...probably should have.

I tweeted earlier that Baby Kayleigh has passed away. I can't imagine what her family is going through, please be praying for her family and take a moment to leave them a comment on their blog. Their family is scheduled to be on "The Doctors" on Wednesday to share their family's story.

I did not do "Not Me! Monday" yesterday as Lindsley pointed out in my comments section...things were just too busy. I did post I ♥ Faces, if you scroll down you can see my entry. Not a photographer's dream entry, but I liked it. I love the looks on their faces and how good #1 is with his boys. He is the best daddy!
The guest judge is Ree Drummond who is so "perfect" she would never in a million years pick my photo anyway. I used to read her blog but I felt like the crummiest mom each time after I did, so I quit. Terrible, I know. If you want tons of cooking, photography, decorating, farming, (and many other topics) tips, she has them! She has one of the most put together blogs I have ever read.

So why was it "Just Another Tuesday?" Well... here is my schedule as it has unfolded thus far:

7:15 Little Miss E and 2 older siblings arrive
7:30 Baby J & Snug up
8:00 Mother Hen, her brother, and Little M arrive
8:05 Breakfast
8:30 2 kids to school
8:45 Mother Hen to preschool (where upon I discover she was supposed to have a sack lunch...)
9:00 Mother Hen's brother to school
9:10 Unexpected trip to the grocery (because I couldn't pack PB&J for above lunch)/gas station/bank
10:15 Quick stop at home to prepare lunch/pack for a picnic
10:40 Arrive at Mother Hen's preschool for field day and picnic
12:00 Finish the grocery shopping not completed earlier
1:15 Naps for everyone, put groceries away
1:30 Pack for trip to VA Beach
2:30 Blog
3:00 Everyone up from naps/snacks/outside play time
3:15 Big kids back from school
4:00 First pick-ups
4:30 Second pick ups
4:40 Take van for an oil change
6:00 Make dinner
6:30 Eat
7:30 Kid's Bedtime
8:00 relax Laundry, prep for tomorrow, clean house...

WHEW. So the grocery shopping was interesting. I had 4 kids for the first trip to Aldi. I needed 2 carts, each with a passenger. The kids were really really good. (I took 4 to the Children's museum by myself yesterday also...they were really really good then too!)

When I had dropped Mother Hen off there was a nice little sign that said "Set sack lunches here...please no peanut products". Um.... I think it probably went home in a news letter to the parents that this was going on (Mother Hen is not my own child, so I don't generally read her newsletters), but her mom is out of town and it probably didn't make the radar. It is a lovely preschool, Snug will probably attend there in fact, but they have so many "special" things it makes my head spin! Knowing that she would be the only one there without a lunch, and that I had nothing picnic-y that wasn't PB&J, we headed out shopping.

The parents were invited to attend the field day activities and lunch, so I packed up the troops and we all attended. Snug even got to play the games because they had uneven teams. I know every mom thinks that their child is super spectacular, (being a teacher we heard from each parent how their child was the smartest/fastest/wittiest/most adorable in the world) and I generally think of Snug as a pretty average little guy (although of course I beam with the best of them when he accomplishes something new). Until it comes to athletics. Although he is not so good at riding a tricycle (read: tears and tantrums) he is really good at throwing, dribbling, catching, batting, and shooting a ball. When the teacher had even teams and the event was shooting a playground ball into a hoop, I volunteered him. I'm sure they thought it was just cute, but when it was his turn in the relay race, he ran up, shot it in, and ran back faster than 90% of the other 4 & 5 year olds. They let him compete in the rest of the events. There was one event I had to assist him in, but if you are not tall enough to get on the chair containing a balloon and not heavy enough to even pop it with your tush...it is ok for your mommy to help :o)

The trip to Kroger was funny. I don't know you you mommies of 4+ do it everyday. I mean, I do it everyday from 7:30-4:30 roughly, but I have my evenings with just 2, and my weekends off. So props to you mommies who do it all the time. Kroger has a lovely cart that holds 4 children. 4!!!!! I should have taken a picture, but I was afraid to do anything but move quickly through the store. Poor Mother Hen had to all but run to keep up with us. The lovely lady at the bakery gave each of the children a free cookie...that was great until I noticed Little Miss E had fed most of hers to Baby J (they share a double seat in the cart)!!! Well, I guess he got some extra calories in, but I don't ever give him sweets.

Did you count the ins/outs for this trip? I'm pretty sure I counted 7. And all five children are in car seats. Yeah, you mommies of 4+, you are heroic.

Well, people are scheduled to be getting up from naps so I better go. I'll post pictures of Snug enjoying his very first field day later.

*Labels are tagged onto posts about the same subject...so since I do Alphabitty Moments every week, it has a label. You can click on my labels (found on the right hand side of my blog if you scroll down) if you are dying to read more of what I have written about that subject. Like for instance you just love my rantings on, oh....say...softball, then you click on "softball" and read everything I've ever written about it. But don't click on softball because I haven't written that much about it...yet...but don't worry we go to VA Beach, VA this weekend and I'm sure to post some pictures of/stories of the trip.

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MamaBear said...

It was fun to catch up on what's happening with you. Tuesday was my busy daycare day with 4 kids. You are a superhero to do what you do Jenney. Really. It's SO draining that I think I'm STILL recharging my batteries. :)

Your part about Snug participating in the games was SO well written! I love that you're so honest and REAL. :)