Friday, May 15, 2009

Virginia Beach Day 1

I really didn't think I'd be blogging on vacation, but we brought the computer just in case, and we have internet here! Tomorrow night I have a good idea we will be too exhausted to move, let alone stay up and blog, but we'll see. To see our hotel, click on the link at the very bottom of the post.

We left X, OH at 6:36 last night and drove until Midnight. The boys slept about 20 minutes of that drive each. Joy. If my friend Mindy hadn't let us borrow her portable DVD player for Snug, we would have been...well people traveled for years without DVD players, but we would have been...stopping more often? It would not have been as convenient, lets put it that way. We were also stocked with books and toys. See the headphones? Those were #1's from jr. high. When we took them off of Snug they left black flecks of plastic all over his neck and ears that we had to scrub off of him...kinda painful. We may have to buy some new ones at Wal-Mart if there is any money left at the end of the trip.
The drive is absolutely beautiful. That was nice seems as we were exhausted. #1 was coming directly off of a 12 hour shift, and Baby J decided that he wouldn't sleep in the car OR in the pack N play at the hotel last night. Delightful. I am happy to say he is sawing logs as I type.

The aquarium wasn't the one we were supposed to be at today. There was a communication error between #1 and I about which museum we were visiting (the one I had picked out reciprocates with our children's museum and would have been FREE) but it was a nice place to visit. By the time we realized the mistake we would have had to drive more than an hour back where we had been, so we just paid the admission fee and went on with life. Both boys were thankfully free.

Ok Aunt B., you said you wanted to see some pictures with me in them, and you will get your wish. I handed the camera over (and dictated what I wanted photographed) several times today. I noted as I uploaded these photos that I wore that same shirt on the Friday of last year's Virginia Beach vacation. Only I was 8 months preggo. I am pleased to say it fits quite a bit differently this year...but I probably need to work on my wardrobe choices. Aunt B is to thank for Snug's wardrobe today. Doesn't he look handsome?
There was a place where you could pet the stingrays.

The sea turtles were my favorite. Baby J loved them too. This one would just swim up and stare at him. He is standing...he isn't supposed to be...but he wouldn't bend his little legs and I wanted the picture. Don't tell.
Snug also liked the turtles. The shark exhibit was similar, but my photos didn't turn out as well.

There was a children's room that had different toys. This was the seafood cafe or something. It was supposed to be a restaurant, but I didn't see any seafood being served...just pizza and burgers.
Baby J liked the playroom too. After 10 hours in the car the boys were ready for action. Snug was actually pretty wild at the aquarium, and I was a bit embarrassed, but really he had sat for a L O N G time so I can't blame him.

As I type this picture has some regrets. Snug is always talking about snakes getting him, or that there are snakes in his bed. Today he actually got to touch one. We really encouraged him to do it thinking that maybe he wouldn't have this weird fear of them...we thought if he actually saw/touched one it would be ok (seems how he has never seen one except through glass). Ha. He is currently sleeping beside me as I type because he was crying very hard and super upset when we put him to bed. Apparently the snake followed us from the aquarium, to the hotel, and got in his bed couch. In leiu of a cranky boy tomorrow I bit my self pride and let him in bed with me. He usually (last year and supposed to be this) sleeps on the small couch with some chairs put next to it so he doesn't fall out. Aunt B. did you tell him about snakes????

This is how Baby J took a nap today. It wasn't long-lived, but it was hilarious.

Despite meeting Snug's deepest fear, Baby J going on 24 hours with 3 hours of sleep, and being at the wrong museum, it turned out pretty good!
And we made it to the beach! We haven't been down to the water yet. I'm just waiting for Pop Pop to come warm it up for me. I better explain that.
We've been prepping Snug for this vacation for a few days, but we warned him that the water will be cold and not to get his hopes up about swimming. So in the van on the way for pre-school drop offs, he announces "It's ok Blue Bear. Mama call Pop Pop. He'll fick it. We have warm water".
You can tell what happens when something breaks or isn't right around our house. Our hotel has a pool, but there is no water in that won't be an option either.
As a treat we stopped tonight and got ice cream on the "boardwalk" across from our hotel.

Baby J got his first taste...

...and he didn't like it. At all.

Snug did. In fact when his was gone he ate about 1/2 of mine. Next time we will order one child one adult small. I will eat the child's, he will get the adult small.

See Aunt B? Here I am again!

To end the day we went swimming in the hotel bathtub where the water is always warm, and available...except for that one time last year where even the tub didn't have water. Not this hotel, I assure you. If you click on that link above you can see a picture of us last year at this time.
Wish #1 luck tomorrow as they will be playing 3-5 games...and up to 9 games on Sunday.


MelArcile said...

You have a perfect picture of your boys there... I love it! Is Baby J still on restrictions as far as standing goes? I would have thought that with him starting to "creep" or whatever, they would have been ok with him starting to pull up and standing. But I suppose I'm not the professional....
Hope you guys have a great weekend and go team!!! Go #1!!

Christine said...

Jenney, I love the picture of you & #1 (with the ice cream cone) It's great! Have a fun trip!!

Kim M said...

Jayce has that same Big Brother shirt! Thanks for getting in some of the pictures with the rest of the family! Melissa is going to have to learn that one too - although Jeremy does seem to enjoy using the camera, I'm not too sure how often Melissa is the subject in the photo. Have fun in Virginia Beach! Don't forget the sunscreen, you are going to be outside alot!

The Alburger Family said...

Sounds like you all are having a great time! I love the aquarium pictures! And the one of you and #1!

All Things Family said...

cute pics...looks like a lot of fun! It is pretty here in VA isn't it?? LOVE the bath picture the best..and the one with Snug with icecream on his face!