Friday, May 1, 2009

Long Overdue

We went to Michigan a couple of weeks ago, you know, when I had my "Adventures in a Suburban". I got some fun pictures with family we don't see very often, but never posted them due to my lack of computer access. I never had enough computer power to get them all downloaded ON the computer and then uploaded ON to Blogger.

Ok, so this one was today...he was so tired after pulling most of the stuff out of the diaper bag that he fell fast asleep on the floor.

This is also from today. Snug enjoys a good rain and was out in it tonight. I personally think he is just looking for an excuse to wear his raincoat and boots, but who could blame him? Grandmommy gifted the coat for Easter. Would you believe it is from Aldi?

Ok, so back to the trip. This is my Aunt Kim holding Baby J and my cousin Melissa's baby Grayson. Grayson shares his mommy's milk with Baby J everyday. Isn't that nice of him? I don't think he'll want to hear about it when he is older though :o)

Growing up Melissa and I were good friends and even though we live 5 or so hours away from each other we really would like our boys to be friends too. Snug and Jayce definitely have been able to meet up more than Baby J and Grayson-this was only the second time they've been together. My kids are "older", Snug by 3.5 months and Baby J by 2 months, but really that is SO close in age.

I love this picture of the boys together...and it makes me remember....

Left: Jayce Right: Snug This was their first meeting in December 06This is their second meeting in March of '07. Again left is Jayce and right is Snug.

I know in a couple years we will look back at this and say "wow" look how little they were!

Holding both of these guys was really hard. I posed and then gave them up. See? I DO exercise...I hold 2 babies at once!

Aunt Kim had some "Bob N Warry" books, so Snug was very happy to be there.
Mitt, I may have to submit this with some edits for I ♥ faces sometime!

Trading babies is always fun. Now that the "big" boys are older they don't necessarily want to be held like this for pictures, but these two don't seem to care.

So as I was driving home from my adventure with the CILTS* my family met in a local park where we used to play softball and have picnics. This is my cousin Crystal, and I don't think she is grouchy no matter what her t-shirt says. She is my "baby" cousin...the youngest of 10 on my dad's side of the family.

This is Crystal's oldest, D. I won't write his name out because when she used to blog (hint hint to her!) that is what she called him. What a cutie!

And this is her daughter G. She makes me laugh, she was hamming it up for the camera. I miss seeing all of my cousin's kids grow up, so this was a special evening. Do you see the Nalgene behind Snug? Yeah, I miss that thing. He left it at a GARAGE SALE last weekend and I didn't know even where to start tracking it down. It even had his name band from inchbug and that hurt. *sigh*

Just a cute boy in the park that I thought I'd photograph...or not.

Reading stories with Aunt Jane. We are really going to miss her.

Finally a fun bathtub picture. Here is another milestone for Baby J. This was taken two weeks ago. He needed that blue ring to support him in the tub. He now sits independently in the tub and plays. We do have to watch him like a hawk though because he wants to go from bottom to belly IN the water. Yikes.
Anyway, it was a nice trip to Michigan and I hope next trip I will get to see my cousin's on the other side of our family too!
*CILTS Campers In Leadership Training (I work with them for my camp)


Megan said...

It's so fun to see pics of you and Melissa and your boys together!

All Things Family said...

Great pics! Looks like you had a great time!