Tuesday, May 5, 2009

News News News

First and foremost I'd like to ask you to continue to pray for Kayleigh. The doctors have told the family she for sure will never get her brain functions back, and if anything, she is going to slowly start shutting down her body functions as well as her mental ones. This little girl has never left the NICU except to go into surgery. She is 4 days older than Baby J (who is doing fantastic). I was just floored by the pictures they posted today as her brother and sister got to visit her for the first time since AUGUST. They would really love to be able to take her home to live the rest of her days. Please pray for their family...I can't imagine. http://kayleighannefreeman.blogspot.com/2009/05/5509-family-again.html

Next up is reminding everyone who lives in my lovely city of X_ _ _ _ (you know who you are) to GO VOTE today! And if I may be so bold....vote YES :o) Yep, my city name starts win an X...weird, huh?

News #3. My mom and dad drove down VERY late last night to deliver my Aunt's car that we will be carsitting...for the next four years. My parents are awesome, in case you hadn't ever picked up on that. #1 was going to drive the 10 hours round trip to get it/get rid of his terrible, horrible, no good less than reliable Blazer tomorrow. Now he doesn't have to, and working 12 hour shifts it is probably a good idea that he didn't.

Which brings me to our next bit of news, thank you to everyone who was praying for Aunt Jane to get back to Africa safely...she has arrived and is well. We can continue to pray that she gets the financial support she needs and that her ministry is blessed.

News #5 (see, I named this post "News News News" for a reason!) I have quit the softball team. Really, it was stressing me out. No feelings were hurt (that I can tell) and I feel 100 lbs lighter. I actually enjoyed watching #1 play last night (police league started) and am back to being the book girl. I really thought that having 2 kids would exempt me (although it didn't last summer) but the other girls would rather help watch my kids then fill in all the little spaces and keep track of what is going on. Snug likes to yell 'Go Rocky" at everyone who is playing. Our pitcher's name is Rocky, and evidentally that is a fun thing to yell...at everyone...both teams (except for daddy, then he cheers for him). He is an impartial cheerer. Everyone who bats gets yelled for...and if you don't swing or if you swing and miss he will stand up and say "It's ok. Try again Rocky".


News #7 Some people have asked lately how #1 is doing with the Graves Disease. Most all of his symptoms have disappeared since he was radiated...but his thyroid levels are still too high. He gets more blood tests taken soon. Hopefully we are not in that 5% that have to have it re-done. But we wouldn't be super surprised if we were. I mean, we're the Drays.

News #8 I got to blog today! Because my parents were here so my house isn't too bad this nap time! yeah!


MelArcile said...

Yea for parents. They are so good to us. Hope you have a good time with them!!
ps. We are camping with Kev and Rachel in KT at the end of the month and rumor is we are going to be driving right by your house.....

!♣!F®om †he In§ide ou‡!♣! said...
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!♣!F®om †he In§ide ou‡!♣! said...

Oops!!! Here's my comment back!!

I seriously love your blog. I don't know if it's the 'mommy' connection we have, or what, but you seriously lift me, daily(well, whenever I get to read your blog, actually). I'm glad #1 sent me along!! Tell him I say hello! :D Thanks Jenney!!!