Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kids Say the Darndest Things...

That was the name of a TV show a long time ago, but if I had written down all the things I've heard kids say over the years in my classroom and daycare...well, I'd have a novel.

Snug just said "I a duck" as I was turning on the laptop to post yesterday's pictures. I'm sitting outside with the computer so that he doesn't drown in his 6 inches of pool :o)

We are learning not to laugh out loud at what he says though, because it only encourages him. He has a vivid imagination these days. It is always interesting to see what he says about what he learned at church. We have a great Bible believing church that starts telling Bible stories and sharing the love of Christ starting in the toddler nursery. Snug knows/has heard many many Bible stories, but manages to retell them in a special way each and every week. For example, this week when asked what he learned, he told #1 (who just got off work as I am typing this...this story is literally minutes old) that God made us, but He gets sad. #1 asked why God gets sad and Snug replied "because the angels fight Spiderman". Really? I was standing outside the door (long story) during his story time and I know for a fact the story was about Rahab and the walls of Jericho.

FYI Snug has never seen the Spiderman movies or cartoons...he loves Spiderman because the boys I babysit for love Spiderman. If he saw the "real thing" it would scare his pants off.

Anyway, Saturday was one of the most relaxing days I've had in a long time. Unfortunately #1 wasn't home because it was his Saturday to work, but the boys and I had a good time nonetheless. I had seen a sign that said there was a parade in Cedarville in honor of Memorial Day. We decided to attend and arrived about 30 minutes early to ensure that we got a spot on the parade route...there were about 4 other people ready to watch so I figured I might have misjudged the um...magnitude? of the parade. We set our chairs down and went in search of my favorite coffee shop in the whole wide world.
I used to live with the owners of this particular coffee shop (Beans N Cream for those of you who live round here) my first three years of teaching. I stop in once in awhile to smell the coffee (which I don't drink), poke around, and catch up with the owners. While poking around I found they are now stocking soaps and such from a local artisan that are 100% natural and paraben free. Score! I will advertise for them after I try the soap...don't know if I like it yet. But if I do, I'll share it with you.

I also got a great compliment from the local barber when he saw Snug's hair. He had no idea I cut it myself but he told me whoever cuts his hair does a great job and that a fauxhawk on a toddler isn't easy and rarely done right. i was thinking his hair looked not so great and was thinking of shaving the rest off...maybe I'll rethink it. The pictures below show it after it had been in the hot sun for awhile and it looks even worse. At least he like it!
So back the the parade. It started 15 minutes late and lasted about 8 minutes total. Wow. Snug enjoyed it though because the boys baseball team threw him candy and there were lots of "woos".
These big signs were posted would think with the cost of advertising that the parade would have been a bigger event! If you notice Snug having his hand up "snapping" as it is in this picture once in awhile, it is because when I want to get Baby J's attention I snap and holler and dance around like an idiot trying to get his attention. Snug follows suit, so even if I get Baby J looking, then I get Snug snapping and yelling, and acting like and idiot like his mommy.

The afternoon was spend swimming like ducks in the pool with old containers.

And a great time was had by all! Baby J can crawl creep in the water super fast...and he falls in face first, pushes himself up, and keeps going. That's my boy!
Oh! One more thing, I wanted to show you what my $15 bought at garage sales yesterday. I got one Graco baby doll highchair (for Little Miss E and Mother Hen), a thing to keep Baby J in place in the tub (he has started to pull to a stand in the tub...oh so safe), a new set of measuring cups/measuring spoons (now that Baby J is eating again and I am making his food I run out of them quickly), a Bob the Builder dress up vest, large wooden (will be repainted I assure you) shelf, three bags of Legos*, one Thomas the Tank Engine railroad car, and another car that will fit on Snug's "new" train table when he gets it for his birthday!
*If you ever see Legos at a garage sale I advise you to snatch them up. Depending on what set you buy, (Mom I checked again...) Legos cost between 9 and 14 cents EACH. That means I got $72 "worth" of Legos for $3. They are only worth that if people are willing to pay that though. They are a great investment even if your kids are little because they don't wear out, are hard to break, and were invented in 1949...I'll say that is a true test of time. If you want to read the entire history of Legos, click here.


Megan said...

I just have to say, it is such a mystery to me why little boys love spiderman. Matthew loves spiderman too and he has never seen a cartoon or movie either.

All Things Family said...

nice fine at the garage sale, and love the pool pics of the boys! Gosh, tiny parade, even our tiny towns parade was longer than 8 minutes! not much longer, but still :)