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Virginia Beach, Day 2

Welcome I ♥ Faces participants! This week I am sending you to a recent post of mine (part of a series of 3 actually) to see our recent trip to VA Beach. Some of the pictures you'll find "hum drum" normal candid family shots without any pizazz...but I got some beach shots that I really loved. I would have set up a whole new post, but I had already JUST done this a couple of weeks ago...and reposted some favorites last Thursday...didn't want my readers to quit on me due to old material...again...and again! Besides, this post journals lots of fun details about our day. Enjoy!

Saturday morning we were up bright and early for #1's softball tournament. We were pleasantly surprised upon checking in to find that the hotel, where we have stayed before, now had continental breakfast! I had packed all our of breakfasts and lunches to save money, and never had to unpack our breakfast food!
The day dawned bright and sunny. The boys were both up WAY earlier than need be, but enjoyed some playtime before we had to set off. I hated having Baby J on the floor in the hotel, but he had to have some time on the floor because we didn't work on his therapy all weekend and he really did need some wiggle time. The ground at the ballpark was definitely out-I've seen what happens there and it isn't pretty!

Saturday may have dawned bright and sunny, but the weather was rather manic. We had rain, cold, sun, hot, and wind all within a few hours span, often changing with each game. I love how Snug is following in daddy's footsteps.

Some serious discussion before a game...

This is our "junk". We travel light as you can see. We had a wagon to haul everything, everyone had a chair (Baby J's was a stroller), our cooler for lunch/bottles, bag of ball field approved toys, and a pack N play that has a waterproof/UV protection cover on it. Baby J could play in there, sleep in there (although that was for like 40 minutes maybe) and it kept him from getting rained on.

Taking a moment off from doing the book to pose with the boys. I didn't get any action shots of the game, although I would have liked to. It takes all my attention to keep track of the stats and the during games is simply not an option.

We also stuck our cameras and anything else we didn't want drenched into the pack N play with Baby J. We just made sure everything was all zipped up so he couldn't get into it. My sling doubled as a blanket for him as it got really cold for about an hour. We didn't see that coming because when we left the hotel in the morning it was almost 80 and 8am! I believe it got down to about 65 with wind and rain. I felt terrible I didn't have their jackets along.

This is how Baby J finally got a nap. Thanks Amy!

#1's team played 6 games on Saturday, and then were out of the tournament. We were at the fields by 8:30 am and left about 7:00pm. They lost their first game of round robin, and then went on to win their next three. After being given a great seed for the tournament, they had to play 2 of the "big teams"** and were defeated soundly. Oh well. It was a good day anyway.

After the games we headed to the beach for a few minutes before dinner. The forecast for Sunday was severe thunderstorms and rain. We wanted to make sure that the boys at least got to see the water. They were still in their ball game clothes so we just took Baby J's shirt off and asked Snug to do the same. When we turned around he was absolutely naked standing on the beach. He figured it could all come off. We informed him it was not that kind of a beach and made him put his britches back on!

Snug loves the beach. He always has, ever since we brought him to this very one when he was 9 months old. He has probably sat in this exact spot as a matte of fact. (To all of you MckMama fans, I'd like to state for the record that Snug has his fauxhawk before I saw these pics of Nuggey I am so not a copy cat! Snug's gel didn't hold well in the humid weather we had.

So while this boy was loving the beach...

...and smiling over every minute of it...

...this boy had a completely different reaction!

After a few minutes of tears and tantrums, he settled down. I think the noise and smells and long day may have had something to do with his initial reaction.

But after he tasted the, he was hooked. I cannot tell you how much sand this boy ate. We carried him quite a bit, but that gets old. His therapists wanted him to get the sensation of the beach and the sand (he has some sensory things, surprise, surprise) and warned us he'd probably eat some. They said not to worry, but HUGE amounts were getting into this kid. The second day we put him on a blanket and tried a paci (which he never takes anymore) but even those didn't work. Well, what goes in, definitely comes out-yuck.

We only spent about 20 minutes at the beach, but don't worry, they got to go back out for a bit on Sunday morning before the monsoon hit.

I really wanted to get a picture of our family all dressed up for dinner on Saturday night. It is #1's team's tradition to go to this seafood buffet. They have crab legs that everyone raves about. I don't eat much seafood, but I enjoy the company and a chance to get dressed up myself once in awhile. They also have chicken and steak and things on the buffet. Anyway we didn't get a family picture because when we first got there Baby J was fast asleep in his baby carrier, and then when he woke up...

...we had lost snug. He literally took a bit of a roll, ate a dill pickle spear, and fell asleep. I'm glad he was free as this restaurant is a bit pricey and it would have been terrible to have paid for the amount of food he consumed.

I will post Day 3 and maybe Day 4 tomorrow. Thanks for taking the time to look at all of this. If you want to see ALL the pictures I took, you can contact me and I will give you our Flickr isn't private but I don't just post it for the world to see either. If you already know our Flickr account, be patient as it may be a few days before I upload them all!

**In Police League Softball are there like #1's team and are officers who like to play softball on the side. A few are officers who actually are hired by their departments to play. As in playing softball all summer is their job! They beat us every time, obviously. However, we often give some of those teams a good game! By "we" I mean they...hey, I'm the book girl, I get to say "we"!

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