Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Update on Baby J...

I haven't posted anything about how Baby J is doing in awhile because it has been the same 'ol same 'ol for awhile...which is a good thing. Cause "same 'ol" right now means he is growing and developing nicely!

I think you'll agree from the picture above taken on Friday or was it Saturday or maybe Sunday or actually I don't know...the kids are living in the baby pool right now. Maybe I should start over.

I think you'll agree from the picture taken sometime over the weekend, that Baby J looks great! I keep waiting for his 4 top teeth to show up in a picture...they are there and have been for awhile, but those two little cuties on the bottom keep stealing the show.

We went to the doctor today, just our regular normal family doctor (we don't use a pediatrician anymore) to have his ears checked out. When we went to the audiologist last week and they wanted him to take a look and see if he had an ear infection because his tympanogram was completely flat. If you want to know what on earth I am talking about, click above as I am not a medical expert and don't completely understand it myself. (Diagram B looked the closest to what his readout was...his was a bit flatter as it didn't have any jump in it). Anywho, he does indeed have fluid in his inner ear and is now on an antibiotic to see if they can clear it up...haul out the homemade yogurt! I didn't blog about his trip to the audiologist because until we saw the doctor we didn't know what the results really were.

The audiologist said something...disturbing. There were many things they did that Baby J heard...they were 99% sure he was hearing them....but he was ignoring them. He would respond once and then ignore it from there on out. He didn't like to have eye contact with the tester who was in front of him. They kinda laughed and said "there's nothing we can do about that". Basically they summed it up as this: Baby J does what Baby J wants to do...good luck.
They were not being mean, and he was pretty giggly and in a great mood with them, but they were certain that he was tuning out anything that wasn't high on his priority list. I think he's gonna be a fun toddler, don't you? :o)

While we were there (audio) they did many tests on him. He does have some hearing loss (congenital hearing loss they said) but it might not be as bad as they thought if he had fluid on his ears (in his ears?) like the tympanogram indicated. Well, I never thought I'd be glad my kid had an ear infection, but I'll take that over hearing loss. Our doctor wants him retested in a few weeks to see if the results come back better. He weighed in today at 18 lbs, 4 oz & 29 inches long. The nurse said something about being in the 5th percentile...not sure if that was height or weight...but LOOK at him. I think he is chunk enough thanks. On top of that, he is mobile, happy, gaining weight, and healthy (except an ear infection that he showed no real signs of...oops). We'll let him be in whatever percentile...he's doing so so good and we are so so thankful.

Maybe I'm wrong on the ear infection...those of you with kids with ear problems, help me out. The audiologist said "ear infection" and "fluid in/on ears"...today the doctor just talked about the fluid...is it all the same, or are they two different things? Anyway, Dr. B thinks we may be seeing an ear nose and throat Dr. with Baby J eventually. Of course we will.

I had said here that Baby J was creeping...but really he was up on hands and toes/knees and reaching for things. Now he is in and out of rooms and the baby gates are up. He loves to crawl without any clothes on and he is super fast. I don't love him to do that...but sometimes it happens. And we never laugh about it.


suzannah said...

so glad to hear he's doing well!

and um, at 18 months, dylan only has a few ounces on your little man, and her doctors aren't concerned, so i'd say take their weight gain hawk eyes with a grain of salt;) he looks happy and healthy!

Adminswife said...

You can have fluid in the ear without having an infection. According to my ENT specialist, all fluid clears up by itself in under three months. My problem? Who wants to wait three months? Not me! But, I did indeed wait, and it cleared up all by itself. Hope that helps.