Thursday, April 30, 2009

Alphabitty Moments

Alphabitty Moments was created by Mama Bear to help us capture the little things in life that we might otherwise forget about our lives as mommies. Click here to see what everyone else is doing.
This week it is going to be more difficult to get mine up. I use Storybook by Creative Memories to create my post each week with my letter. Our old computer I am using our new one but there is no software loaded on it yet...and it doesn't have a CD drive to even load it. It may be a couple of weeks before we can piece it all together.

Letter J:

J is for Aunt Jane! She is returning to missions work in Africa in May, but the boys got to spend time with her in the past few months while she was "home". We will miss her very much, but we know the Lord is using her there. You can be praying for her in the next couple of days as she finishes packing and for her trip back.

J is for Jumping! Snug loves to jump...and jump...and jump. I call him "Norma Jean, Jumping Bean" (a book I used to read to my first graders) as he is always running or jumping or moving. Snug was jumping before he was even born. He kicked a visible bruise on my stomach before he was born, and he has never stopped moving. This shot was last fall jumping into a pile of leaves.

Now, Baby J moves quite a bit these days, but I find it interesting that Snug was extremely active in the womb, and is very active still. Baby J I had to lay very still to ever feel him while I was pregnant and I don't think that #1 ever got to feel him kick from the outside. Interesting that he is a "low tone" baby and never (until quite recently) wanted to move or do much. I've heard it said that personalities are set by the time a child goes into kindergarten...I venture to say it is earlier than that :o)


Kim M said...

Baby J even looks older while Aunt Jane is holding him - looks like he is holding himself up quite nicely too! Of course, we are continuing to pray for her

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Great J's. I tried to capture jumping but my little guy just started to do it and it was too hard to capture well. Nice jumping shot.

All Things Family said...

cute pics! I've not bruised on the outside yet from a kick..but some of them are getting a little more uncomfortable! Love that Baby J is starting to move more too! Great progress!

our family said...

Nice J moments!

Tutu said...

Great J's!!

I agree, my Little Man moved and moved and moved before he was born. He could almost kick the remote off my tummy. He's only still now when he passes out asleep!