Monday, April 6, 2009

This is Outrageous

Excuse me as I get on my soap box, once again. If you'd like to read a nice post about our lovely weekend, please click here. If you'd like to hear my opinion on how people are treating the police, stick around...and then click here to know I am not always angry at the world.

We have been a bit perturbed in the last few days about the police officer (if I refer to them as cops, it is no longer considered to be a derogatory term...) who recently resigned after the country turned on him. My husband was livid after watching the video. This officer was simply attempting to stop a vehicle that had run a red light. The subject in the video said his mother-in-law was dying and he had to get to the hospital. That is all anyone is listening to. That and that the man was detained for 14 minutes.

Well, watch the video and observe a few other things. The officer is never ever agitated or angry/unreasonable. He asks several times for proof of insurance which the subject refuses to give over. He also tries to explain that you are NOT allowed to run red lights (someone could have been killed) and that you MUST stop when a police officer turns on his lights for you to pull over. This man ran a red light, refused to pull over for an officer, argues repeatedly (quite angrily), refuses to show license/registration, and is an all around jerk. What was the officer supposed to do? Say "of course sir, no one ever lies to me, you surely should run red lights if you see fit, not everyone should pull over for police officers, and it is ok to refuse to give license/registration when asked".

Do you know how often police officers are lied to? #1 would tell you out of 100 people he deals with in a day, at least 90 of them are outright lying to him, and the other 10 are withholding something.

This particular officer "apologized for his actions" and "resigned". Let me give it to you straight. His department was tired of getting heat and is probably going to be sued, so to cover their rears they told him to apologize and resign or be fired. This is pathetic.

OK, item number two in my rant. Did you hear about the three officers killed in the Pittsburgh shooting? Another link here. Well, you're not going to read it or maybe even hear about it, but one of the officers that was killed was actually driving his own child home (off duty) when he heard it come over the radio, dropped his child off quickly, responded to the scene to help his fellow officers, and was also shot and killed. Any officer being killed hits too close to home for us, but this particular shooting is especially hard. Officer Eric Kelly played for the Pittsburgh Police's softball team...a team we play regularly in police softball tournaments.

The next time you are pulled over for a ticket, questioned about an accident, asked to serve on jury duty, or see a cop out on the street, please show some respect and courtesy. Please remember that they are mistreated, lied to, spit on, threatened, and disrespected daily.

If you didn't already know my husband is a cop. And we love cops.


April Isaacs said...

I love cops too! I actually do not think that is quirky~ you still may be quirky:-) I just didn't think the post was quirky.

I don't think police officers get enough respect or praise. And, it makes me sick when officers are killed. My brother was a K9 officer around here until he was given a medical retirement. I think he saw too many things that hit too close to home.

So, thanks to your husband and all police officers!
P.S. I love your picture with the blocks!

TCKK said...

So true, so true. I'm not a cop and neither is my husband, but I have worked for our local police department as a dispatcher and Administrative Assistant for 32 years and what you say is so true.

Assistant Ring Master said...

We love cops here too! My husband is a county deputy, and I think I love him a little more every day when he comes home from work. It takes some amazing men and women to do that job and we are so thankful for them all!

Adminswife said...

There is always the negative too. Around here the police speed and weave around regular cars to get to the donut shop. If they are in a hurry, they should have their lights flashing (which they don't). But, it is just like us in the ministry, some are good ministers and some are not. It doesn't matter what job you are in or what employee you are talking to, we need to show respect and be an example for the Lord. Our testimony is at stake!

MelArcile said...

I heard the story about the 3 officers from PA, and I find it heartbreaking. It made me think of our friends and family that are in law enforcement. I find it even more heartbreaking that this morning, I watched The Today Show, waiting to hear an update about the shootings, and it didn't even make the news. Three men lost their lives doing a thankless job and protecting those around them and it didn't even make the news. Shameful.