Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I have exactly 18 minutes left of battery on my computer. It is about dead for life. I got it to charge for a few minutes this morning as I really wanted to check on STELLAN. Please pray for him as he is on his way to surgery right now for a heart ablation. This is rarely done on infants and is very risky.
Please also pray for Kaleigh as she recovers from her surgery (same age as Baby J, has never been home from the hospital in her life). You can click her button on my sidebar for updates on her.
I think that is the hardest part about not having a computer/internet at my disposal right now...I have been praying for these babies, and Abby, and all the things that many of you mention in your blogs daily and I have NO way now to see what is happening, or how I can pray better.
I have TWITTER, and you can read that on my sidebar as I will be updating what is happening with us.
Today I have no voice as I am in bed sick with a really sore throat...so I am letting my fingers do my talking. Anyway, we are all wearing orange here today and praying for baby Stellan.
We are going to price out computers and find one we can afford (using our emergency fund, I know, maybe not technically an emergency) but it is really hard withouth the internet. We actually have to DRIVE and LOOK...but I am sick, so #1 will get to do it with kids in tow.
We use the internet to run our daycare, pay bills, donate money to missions, and communicate with family out of town and mirads of other things. We hope we find one quickly.


Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Me, too--I'd miss you if you were gone!
We're praying for Stellan here today too.

Assistant Ring Master said...

HP gives great deals to government employees, including police officers. It's how we got our last one, about $150 off store prices.
I can't find the link I used now, but you can call them at 1-866-377-5970 for more information.
Happy shopping and hope you feel better soon!