Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Dad, My Hero **UPDATE**

**Baby J got weighed today (at home of course) and I was going to do it at 10:30am, but realized that time of day is a bit I weighed him earlier and according to our new home scale, he has gained 4 oz!!! PRAISE GOD.

When I did this post yesterday my dad really took it to heart...because he is on his way here right now. Yesterday was a terrible day for me. The thought of when on earth I am going to get 81 minutes of therapy in for Baby J, along with getting all (close to) 1,000 calories in him a day...and keeping it down, along with having 4 other children in the house under 4, and getting everyone to preschool/kindergarten who requires meals and naps etc....well I was pretty upset last night. This who thing has been very wearing and stressful on me. I had someone* at church, in a well-meaning way, tell me I was a bit OCD on Sunday. is my daily schedule, so yeah, I would say I am too.

6:45am-shower, pump, measure (guesstimate at what will be eaten without wasting any) bottles for the day, maybe start breakfast.

7:30-:45-Kids start arriving...settle the ones down who cry, get Baby J and James into the tub (cloth diapered babes often smell of urine in the morning)

8:00-breakfast for 5-9 kids, depending on the day, calendar time, devotions

8:45-get everyone in the van/walking to school depending on the kids I have

9:15 back home for 'school time' or playtime, or library or playgroup
-the PT I was already doing with Baby J
-random doctor's appointments

11:45-pick up from preschool if applicable

12:00-lunch, TV time

1:15 naps, I pump (and blog at the same time...I type with one hand like I am doing right now...that is the only way I am able to blog these I pump)

2:15-first kids up from naps, snack time, playtime

3:30-5:00 depending on who is here this is when kids get picked up

And then my night as a mommy begins.


*the someone is a dear friend who did not mean to hurt my feelings and did not say it to be mean in ANY way, I assure you. While I did take it hard at first, in reality I know that I am and HAVE to be pretty organized/structured/ albeit militant at times...if I wasn't I would not survive my day. I was only using the comment as a way to show you that people who see me IRL (in real life) have noticed I am pretty stressed out...yep! I sure am!


All Things Family said...

I can't even read your schedule w/out getting stressed out myself! You're not're structured...there IS a huge difference!

Kim M said...

Why am I not surprised your parents are ready for the rescue?!! I'm sure all you learned yesterday was a bit overwhelming, but rest assured, it gives us something specific to pray for you and Baby J! Hang in there Sweetie, I know you can do it. This is an adjustment and over the next few days, the routine will feel more natural.
Love to all, please give those two precious little boys a hug and kiss from Aunt Kimmie.

MelArcile said...

Please tell me that you weren't up at 4:45 am writing that post... Lack of sleep could be affecting your stress levels. I'm so happy that your dad is coming down. That's what parents are for, rescuing us! I will be praying for you today - that you are able to get used to all of the extra stuff they've got you doing, and that you will have peace about everything. Oh yeah, 4 OUNCES!! YEA!!!

Kim M said...

Yeah for 4 oz! Yeah for Baby J scooting on his back! We'll take progress even if it is by scoot and by scoot or is it ounce by ounce! Anyway! Praise God for a good report!

Megan said...

I'm so glad Baby J is gaining and your dad is coming!

Anonymous said...

All I know is you're amazing, Jenney!! I only have my two girls to worry about and I freak

The post about your dad is so sweet too...I LOVED the pics! :D