Monday, April 6, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Baby Stellan is still in the hospital. To get a full and accurate update, please go to My Charming Kids. He is being seen by a new and more specialized cardiologist now, who is not even part of the hospital he is in. He may be facing a difficult and unprecidented surgery, which would include transporting him to a different hospital...possibly across the country. Please continue to pray for the MckFamily in this hard time. Not Me! Monday was started by Stellan's mom a few months ago to show how God uses imperfect moms to raise children, and to help us vent out the craziness of life.

This week I definatly did not hang my Bummis wet bag out of the van window in an effort to have it dry by the time I got to church. NOT ME. My laundry is always clean, folded, and left in baskets put away in a timely fashion.
I did not put up three posts today because I hadn't blogged since Thursday.

I also did not drop a chocolate egg in Snug's carseat only to have him discover it one 70 deg (where is that weather now I'd love to know) afternoon as he climbed in. I did not overhear him desperately whispering "Oh no, poo poo in my seat" and trying to hide it! That kinda cracked me up. He really thought he had messed up without knowing it.

I did not underestimate how many diapers I would need when I dropped Baby J off at Liz's house Sunday night. She did not have to give me a dishtowel to use as a diaper on the way home. Thank you Liz, you are a lifesaver!

I did not let my son participate in an Easter egg hunt Saturday and then promptly take away all the candy because I don't want him eating it. Not Me.

I did not almost choke when I saw my MIL hand my infant to an extremely shaky resident of the nursing home to hold for this picture, which in all seriousness I did not take. The lady was thrilled, but I was a nervous wreck.

I did not get up on my soapbox earlier today and get really aggitated about people who do not appreciate police officers. Sorry if you've had a ticket lately, slow down.

I did not swell with pride when Baby J ROLLED OVER AND AROUND ON THE FLOOR recently while playing. Can you belive it? We are just busting out with pride :o)

I also did not get a bit teary as I taped Snug singing for you all. Enjoy below! (To turn off my obnoxious lovely jukebox music so you can hear him sing, scroll to the bottom of the page and pause it.)

I will leave you with a few more pictures from the weekend. This is Baby J's brand new SPF 50 swim shirt that goes with his new swim trunks. Snug has a matching set. Their Grandma Dray gave them to them for Easter!I mentioned earlier that Snug had a great time showing the nursing home residents his egg hunt treasures. Here is one picture. He stood and talked to this lady for about 15 minutes. He showed her each egg and its contents about twenty times each, no exaggeration. She was so happy to listen.

Last, but certainly not least, Aunt Jane was with us Thursday night through Saturday morning. She was on her way to Cincinatti to visit a supporting church. The boys like her very much and she was a big help. Thank you Aunt Jane!

I ♥ Faces tomorrow morning!


Kim M said...

Sweet videos and pictures!

Erin Morgan said...

Baby J looks like he's gained a few pounds. What does he weigh?