Wednesday, April 29, 2009

10 Months and Counting *Update*

Look who was 10 months old on Monday! What a big boy! He weighed in (unofficially of course) at 17 lbs 2 oz. According to my "growth chart" that is in the back of "What to Expect The First Year" he is in the 5th percentile. YEAH! He goes in next Thursday for his official weight check. We are hoping for a green light on soldi foods. We of course have not given him any teething biscuits as he has gotten his four top teeth in at the same exact time. I had to dig out my "What to Expect" book as I had abandoned it a long time about 6 months...because it was just about depressing to read. I am still not going to read it though because he is on his own individualized plan and doing great. We're sticking to the positives. His EIS is coming today, and I will update this post after we meet with her.

This is what Baby J gets to eat right now in a day. (All bottles are BPA free) He has also been getting some rice cereal as he is still hungry after getting everything but his bedtime bottle. This is great news as it used to be he would drop 1-2 bottles when he had any solids. He takes that bedtime one kinda slow and doesn't finish all of it every time, but close. To put his calories in perspective, if I drank twice what is pictured above I would be over my daily calorie needs...and I don't weigh 17 lbs :o)




*Update* I forgot to mention before that Baby J pretty much skipped right through 6-9 month clothes and right into 9-12! He wore some 6-9 month outfits, but they ran small and he had been wearing them since before Christmas. He just zipped right up into big boy clothes. I loved opening up the new storage tub and remembering what Snug used to be like.

Today Baby J's EIS (early intervention specialist) and OT (occupational therapist) came to the house. They were so excited with me about his development. He is now at 7 months instead of 5 moving to 6 in large motor and 8 months instead of 6 moving to 7 in fine motor. His fine motor has always been his best area, which is good. Kids with low tone tend to not like things like handwriting and cutting when they get to school. His having decent fine motor skills says maybe that won't be the case for him. Speech is almost to 5 months, but that wasn't formally evaluated today. It still is his weakest area.
While they were here they wanted to know what the doctor is currently saying and I told them about her still being a bit baffled that he doesn't have Celiac after what she saw during his surgical procedure at the hospital. I shared with them that we believe that God has healed him. They smiled politely but they had not physically seen him yet because he was not awake from his nap. After we had a chance to talk he did wake up and spent time with them being evaluated (which looks like lots of fun play, but he slept almost 3.5 hours after taking a 2 hour morning you KNOW it tired him out). They were also shocked. He is "a different baby". They couldn't believe he was the same little guy they saw a month ago. They had lots of praise for us "doing such a great job with his therapy and very diligent". Nice to hear, because we are trying to be working through his exercizes each day...but we also know that his HUGE jump in development is God. I think they got a glimpse of how big our God is today too. :o)


Anonymous said...

Yay!!! How precious those pounds are!! :D I'm SO glad he is improving so rapidly....such a sweetie!! {{{HUGS}}}

Megan said...

Cute pics! What a sweet face that boy has!

All Things Family said...

cute pics! I can really tell he's looking much bigger!

Kim M said...

YEAH! How exciting to hear and watch his progress - I'm glad you don't rely on the book and yes he is on his own schedule. He seems to be stepping up that schedule! What a good week of good news with Baby J and Stellan! Praise God!

suzannah said...

praise God for solid growth and development:)