Saturday, April 25, 2009


Bobcat Skid
Our parks and recreation department hosts great community events, and this is a new favorite. I mean, beyond the Doggie Dash N' Splash of course :o) I think it was definitely Snug's favorite.

Our friend Rachel used to work on this Bookmobile, but recently moved. We will miss her and her husband. Snug really enjoyed the Bookmobile which takes books to our local elementary schools.

Baby J spent the time sucking away at a four ounce took him about 45 minutes because he was sitting straight up in the stroller and had to hold it way up to get anything out as it was a 9oz bottle. Lots of work, but it kept him quite entertained.
School Bus
I'd love to say which truck was Snug's favorite, but he loved them all. He was thrilled to sit in a school bus and honk the horn. The driver of this particular one I knew as she had driven for one of my special needs students when Snug was a baby.
School Bus
I took this picture so that when Snug starts kindergarten I can take another one and compare, but I realize he probably won't ride a bus until high school because we live too close to our elementary and middle school. Unless of course the city gets the money it needs (badly) to renovate.
What exactly is Scoop? A digger truck? Doesn't sound official...
LOOK! Scoop! Snug was thrilled to see his favorite Bob The Builder truck at the event.
I kept trying to include Baby J in some photos, but he wasn't very impressed with the trip. He just sipped away at his bottle and got annoyed with me for applying another layer of sunscreen. It was 90 today and SUNNY.

Ohio State Trooper Car
This picture makes me laugh. There were three different police vehicles at the event, and they were not his favorite. I guess when your daddy drives one home every night for supper and "woos" for you, these ones are not as cool. One guy cracked me up. He wasn't from our city, but they all kinda know each other around here. When I told him who #1 was he looked at Snug and said "um, I should have guessed that, look at him!" Anyway, this trooper was trying to get a picture with Snug and he wasn't super happy about it. He wanted to go see the garbage truck of course.

This is an ambulance that takes people from one hospital to the the airport to be transported by airplane to another hospital. This would be similar to the one Stellan took from his hospital to the airport and then airport to the hospital in Boston. It can also transport from one hospitals to another if they cannot be transported by helicopter.
If I had to make a guess, I'd say the firetruck was in a tie for favorite with "Scoop". He waves like crazy at them as they fly by our house to the hospital near us. He was really excited to sit in the cab but a little apprehensive when they turned on the siren with him in it...really loud.
Still sippin' away...

I tried to get W A Y back and take a picture of the entire ladder truck, but I couldn't. This ladder is huge! I asked #1 why on earth we have a truck that tall and he said because we have one apartment building that would need it. Honestly I don't think even that building is that big, but I guess we are covered. Talk about getting a kitten out of a tree...we could rescue one out of a redwood!
Trench Digger

Tow Truck
Snug loved looking everywhere. I had a cute picture of him checking out the controls on one, but it didn't upload I guess. Here is is thrilled to see under the seat...and noticed the flashlight they kept there.

Garbage Truck

Garbage trucks were exciting because there were 2 steering wheels, one for sitting at one for standing at, and a place to stand on the back. Garbage trucks were also fun...but everything was. There were many many more trucks, but really unless you are Snug, no one wants to see all of these pictures. I will probably print them and label them for him in a small book.


MamaBear said...

Lucky! our Touch a truck event isn't until August - but seeing as you had 90 degree weather today - it might as well have been August.

This couldn't have been a fast post to do with all those pictures but it sure was fun to read - thanks for sharing!

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Wow. That looks like so much fun--my boys would love that. I may have to suggest it to our school!!!
P.S. Scoop is a backhoe. I think.