Monday, April 13, 2009

Better Late Than Never?

Ok, probably not. Part of the deal when you sign up to have your blog listed in Serious.Life Magazine is that you'll help them advertise by telling your readers when they have a new (free) issue out. Um, it's been out for like a week and I didn't post. I always read (most) of it before I post about it for you. Today I finally had 3 seconds to sit down and check it out! It is getting kinda long, so I don't read all of it. Hey, I am lucky to finish "Parents" magazine before the next issue hits my mailbox and it is sitting right in front of me!
Anyway, Serious.Life April is out, and you should check it out. I liked:
The excerpt from 4 Little Men & Girly Twins
The article by Ken Hamm
My blog being listed

Happy reading!

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