Sunday, April 12, 2009

I Couldn't Have Said It Better...AND Easter Pictures *UPDATED*

I was all ready to post about what Easter really means...and then I read this and really, I couldn't agree more. So please read this and then come back and finish this post.
I wanted you all to read that because, at our house, we do enjoy Easter eggs and handsome outfits, and time with friends, and big fancy dinners. BUT we know first and foremost that Easter is about Jesus and his sacrifice on the cross. Our Good Friday service and Easter services at church were so good, and really really hit home for me this year. Please enjoy our pictures, but please know that "the bunny" is NOT the reason we have a "Happy Easter". Snug loved decorating Easter eggs with our next door neighbors at their house.Dipping the spoon was probably his favorite part.

Snug and I are planting a garden this year. We are starting some seeds inside. He had fun with the soil more than anything.

These pictures capture so much personality. Snug is quite the comedian and loves to make people laugh. I only hope that he keeps his big personality in check as he grows up so that he does not come off as obnoxious. He is truly the sunshine in our home.

Our project gave me the idea of this dessert for our Easter dinner. It is layers of chocolate pudding and brownie, topped with crushed Oreo (off-brand for me of course!) cookies, dyed coconut, and gummy worms. It was very yummy!

Our boys got their Easter baskets buckets earlier in the week, but still enjoyed showing them off to our neighbors after our shared lunch today. Look who is getting some chub to his cheeks!Snug got this outfit from one of the familys I sit for. Their son wore it in a wedding last year. He didn't want to wear the tie...he wanted to wear a necklace instead. We compromised and he has a necklace on UNDER the shirt :o)Baby J is wearing a 'suit' that Snug wore two years ago. If I remember later I'll post some pics of him wearing it. My power cord isn't working and my battery is dying fast. *Update* wiggled and jiggled and got the cord working...for now. Here is Snug in the same outfit (below). He was like 2 days shy of being 7 months old when these were taken on his first Easter. Look at those cheeks! These pictures give Baby J a little more perspective. Snug was a preemie and always on the low end of the growth chart. He is a month and a half younger than Baby J when I took these pictures and definatly bigger than Baby J is today. The great news was that a little over a week ago when I tried it on him it was too big and I wasn't sure if we'd even bother using it. Due to his recent 'unofficial' growth spurt, he got to wear it! Unofficial is because Wednesday is his official at the GI specialist growth check. I can't WAIT to see her reaction :o)


Baby J is not as much as a show off (?) as his brother. More the serious type! This picture captures him! (Notice how in many of his pictures his mouth is open a bit? That is part of what we are working on in speech therapy with his muscles...but he is always looking and thinking and watching.)

The boys dressed and ready for church.Mom and dad, see our hardwood floors? I took pictures of the demo but haven't posted them. For our IRL friends, check our Flickr page later if I can get the power source working. This floor was under our carpet.

From our family to yours, HAPPY EASTER!


Megan said...

Your boys are so handsome in their Easter suits!

Erin Morgan said...

I love the photos of the boys all dressed up!! Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding us to read "My Charming Kids". God is using Stellan and his mom in a very unusual way! I LOVED your pictures! The one with all three "boys" by the bed is priceless. But I loved the one of the whole family in the front yard. I'll try to print that one somehow!. Glad you had a good Easter. See you soon! Mom

Beth Irish said...

Love your music! Thought I was the only one "my world" who liked it. LOVED the picture of your "men" all dressed up. BJ looks great -- S as great as ever. Your family picture was neat as well. I am going to get someone to show me how to print it. Have fun with your mom. AB

nancy said...

What a neat looking family!!!!