Sunday, April 5, 2009

Jesus the Cowboy

Oh my, it is so late and my house is so messy, but I just wanted to check in and let you know I am still alive. I haven't blogged since Thursday...I even missed my Blogaversary (my one year anniversary of blogging). Isn't that terrible? I don't get another one for 363 days! HAPPY BELATED BLOGAVERSARY TO ME!

*ahem* Moving along.

What have I been doing? Well, it seems I have not been conveying the message of Easter very clearly. Too many Easter eggs for my Snug because he came home from church today announcing that Jesus was a cowboy. What?

Let me help you here...see at my house when you ride the bouncy horse in the basement and wear your cowboy hat * and yell "ye-haw" you are a cowboy. Apparently the story at church today about Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey was translated as "Jesus was a cowboy" to Snug. I was glad that he didn't just give his standard answer to my "What did you learn in Sunday School today?" question with his usual "Jesus. Angel" because that is typically what I get. You'd think after hearing the story twice (we are there for both services...not actually IN both, but there for them) he'd get more details down. For heaven's sake he can always tell me exactly what snack he had.

This week he seems to have heard the entire story...but the logistics were lost in translation. Oh well. We talked it over and he also knew that there were "branches" and "Tozana" involved...that is a great improvement over "Jesus. Angel" don't you think?

In case you don't remember, Palm Sunday is about remembering the week leading up to the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. Jesus wildly rode a mustang wearing chaps and a fedora rode a donkey into Jerusalem (which fulfilled Old Testament prophesy). Upon his arrival people were waving palm branches and shouting "hosanna" as he passed. They thought he was the king coming to overthrow the government and save them from the Romans.

In actuality he was the king, but he was coming to be sacrificed on the cross (the very same people would in a few short days be shouting "crucify him" instead of "hosanna") to die for their sins and save them from Hell, not the Romans.

Well, we have a long way to go in teaching Snug and Baby J about Jesus and His love for them...but living it daily will show them better than trying to get the Bible story facts straight. And by the way it isn't just a "story" in the "fairytale" sense. Each and every word written in the Bible is inspired by God and 100% true.

In other news...Saturday we took a day trip to go see #1's parents. His mother works at a nursing home and they host an annual Easter egg hunt. Snug did much better at the picking up eggs and getting them into the basket this year. He also was very proud to show the eager residents what he had found. I will post pictures probably tomorrow of that. It was really cute. We may not be allowed to attend again next year though, because for the second year in a row he won the grand prize large Easter basket for boys 4 and under. The other parents will probably not let us in next year. At this rate I will never have to spend a dime on him when it comes to commercialized Easter. Ok, so I did buy him two books through Mother Hen's Scholastic book club order form she brought home from preschool...but I will not be buying him any candy. Perhaps some Annie's organic bunny shaped fruit snacks...

Tonight I visited our church's youth group. I am thinking about/about 99% sure I will be volunteering there on Sunday nights from now on. The boys will be going to my friend Liz's house (until they wear our their welcome) and I will drive her oldest son with me. Stay tuned for a Not Me! about that one...I was really nervous about going, but had a good time. I feel the Lord leading me to serve in that area along with it helping me to connect with my camp girls who I feel like a fish out of water with quite often. Camp is coming up quick! I can hardly believe it!

*if you follow this link you are looking for the picture of Snug looking WAY older than he is wearing his cowboy hat

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Beth Irish said...

I'm quite sure by next year he will have at least the basics down. Cute story. Missed your blog, keep wondering about the boys. Even UN asks "has she blogged yet". What did you say? My blog? Well ..... it is coming ... soon. AB