Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday and Lots of Pictures

Ok, ok, so it isn't technically Thursday yet here, but if the Freemans can put Mr. Linky up on Wednesday who am I to not post early? I was really honored to have been their spotlight last week. The honor actually goes to my cousin Melissa, because SHE was the thoughtful one.

And this week my thoughtful Thursday is not me again...I do not feel that I am being overly thoughtful myself these days. It is again, something that someone did for me. I blogged earlier about my dad coming to help me out in my stressful time. He is my thoughtful Thursday for the week.

In the midst of my stress with physical therapy and keeping feeds down for Baby J and running Draycare he has come to help! #1 is in a crash reconstruction class this week so he isn't around to help out like he normally does. THANK YOU DAD for being so thoughtful and taking your very first day as a retired man to come help your daughter!
The pictures here are from today. Grandmommy had an idea, and Pop Pop made it happen. This plexi glass "table" is very interesting to Baby J.
Tummy time is more interesting this way, and there was WAY less crying and struggling. (He is on the table which is about 6 inches off the ground with blocks. We can move toys and things underneath for him to watch.) As I tweeted earlier, he even rolled from back to belly today. That was a miracle!
Do you see Baby J's wool soaker? My friend Faith from church made that for fits so nice and wool soakers are just the best! Thank you Faith!
Here are some pictures from the last few days...enjoy!


MamaBear said...

Such great news and what a nice dad you have!

And i gotta say...I'm jealous of that green grass I see. :) I woke up to snow on the ground. *sigh*

MelArcile said...

Love the table idea. Your mom is so creative... :) Glad your dad is there to help you out. :) Counting down the days until that weekend in April that you'll be home. :) That's a lot of smiley faces. :)
Melissa :)

Kim M said...

Yeah for great ideas from Grandmommy and yeah for Pop Pop who knows how to be retired already! What an great idea and it is going to be so much fun watching Jack as he learns more new things as you go along!
Praying for a peaceful and healthy day for all of you.

All Things Family said...

cute pics...and good idea about the plexiglass tummy time!

Beth Irish said...

I am soooooo excited for you. I have been a real worry wart. BJ has been a constant prayer request -- kinda 24/7. Your pictures are great. So neat to see him moving about and smiling. S looks great too. Wish I could just drop in. Kate was ready to move down awhile ago but I explained that your mom was there etc. I guess little guys are pretty special with us. Know you have all my love and prayers. Don't know what I can do from here, but if anything comes up ---. As to your dad spending his first retirement days with grandsons, let me tell you, that is what grandpas do! And well. love AB