Thursday, December 17, 2009

25 Days of Christmas Ornaments Dec. 17

Wow, I cannot believe it is December 17th, or how the month of December has played out in general. One highlight has been doing these ornament posts. Thanks Mama Bear!
It was hard to get a good pictures of these, being that they are clear. They are heavy/durable enough to actually be ON the tree, but absolutely beautiful lead crystal. I received these quite unexpectedly in high school from a boyfriend's grandmother at a family Christmas party. I certainly was not expecting a gift, but these have been on my tree ever since. Even though we are most certainly not still together (#1 and I met between my junior/senior year of college) I have never given these up. Too pretty :o)

In Dray news, those of you in Michigan who will be seeing us VERY soon (yeah!!!!!), will be very happy to know that I took my children to the doctor today. Oh my.
Ok, so they have had coughs for a good week now, and #1 and I are tired of being up half the night with them. I was pretty sure it was just chest colds that were not going away easily. But seems how the kids and I were headed to MI for a few days to see my parents and brother/sister-in-law I thought I'd better get it checked out along with Little Monkey's 18 month check up. Urgent Cares in other states are not my idea of fun on Christmas Eve. Last year on Dec. 23 we took the kids to the doctor just because something "wasn't right" and that was when both kids had ear infections (the first of MANY for poor Little Monkey) and we also found out that he had lost weight, the beginning of the nightmare from 2009. I decided to get a head start on what appears to be our Christmas doctor visit.
So, simple colds would have been lovely. I even apologized for having them looked at to the nurse, as I was sure I was wasting valuable office time. A simple weigh in for Little Monkey would have suited me fine. (26 lbs, 31 in. by the way. HOLY COW). But no. It turns out that Snug (who insisted on telling stories, smiling, using the potty, and enchanting anyone who would look at him the entire hour and a half visit) has tonsillitis, bronchitis, and an ear infection. He claims the ear infection is because his winter hat is itchy. Hmmmm. I think the doctor would not concur. Little Monkey has bronchitis, and his ear tubes are the only thing that is keeping him from all the other fun his brother is sporting. Why do my children bundle up to their eyeballs the minute it turns 55 deg. and why do I feed them healthy food? Is it working????
Ah, so 2 co-pays and $80 in prescriptions later, they are both heavily medicated and ready for travel. Chest colds. Ha.


Kim M said...

So glad you had the forethought to go to the doctor before the traveling and famil fun! Excited to see you and the boys on Sunday!

The Kampers said...

Well good thing you decided to hit up the doctor before you left town! WOW! Hang in there friend! Antibiotics are an amazing thing! Glad you like the Christmas card. We got your letter a few days ago and Forrest kept asking who the kids were. I told him I didn't know their real names...and Noah just laughed!

Cop Mama said...

Oh, so sorry! Poor babies...well, and poor mama too. Hang in there.

MelArcile said...

I'm sorry that everyone was so sick, but I am happy to hear that you got them to the doctor. I don't want anything getting in the way of us seeing you this weekend!!!

Deb said...

Hope all the meds kick in quickly so everyone is happier traveling! I'm glad you got it taken care of at home though!
He weighs more than Danica! He's definitely made up for whatever he lost- that's for sure.
We'll miss you while you are gone (we're sticking around here again this year)... make sure you are better when you get back!