Monday, December 28, 2009

As Heard From My Livingroom...

"Don't touch 'Little Monkey'! It's boo-i-ful." (referring to the tree, used his real name)

"Hey! That is me, put me back on!" (when an ornament with Snug's picture was removed)

"Oh no! There's a cell phone! Better zoom!"

"uuk. uuk. uuk. aaauuuuuggghhhh. oooo. oooo. ooo." (guess who "said"' that?)

"What we having for Cert (dessert)"? (forget dinner, lets get to the good stuff!)

"I throwed some snowballs, we did some snowangels, and I didn't want to go inside, and I watched the 'grabbage' man. He picked all them up and shooted it in the truck and it drived away." (describing his time out in the snow with daddy to Lightning McQueen)

"Scuse me 'Little Monkey' I just playing with you. We just going to do this. SCUSE ME!!!!" (perhaps they are not playing the same game???)

I just wrote down what I heard them saying for about 20 minutes. Lots of sound effects came from Snug as he "zoomed" things around the living room and played with his cars, but Little Monkey only interjected one time with an outburst that, well, sounded lots like a small monkey might :o) Sometimes I like to just write down the things that Snug says, because I don't want to forget. He'll be big way too fast. Today I thought I'd share them.


Cop Mama said...

Were you just in my living room because seriously, that sounds exactly like my little guys! Right down to talking to lightning McQueen!

All Things Family said...

that is too cute! I need to do that with Z man soon..he's getting awfully chatty now that he's got his tubes in!

Jenilee said...

that's so cute. my girls say so many of the same kinds of things. :) lots of fun having kids!

Anonymous said...

Hope you're taking videos, too! Mom