Sunday, December 6, 2009

25 Days of Ornaments Dec 3, 4, 5

If you'd like to participate in sharing about some special ornaments on your tree, or see other people's go over to Mama Bear's blog and check it out!
So I got a little sidetracked in all the Baby Girl excitement and didn't post an ornament on Friday. Here is my Friday entry. This is Little M M's ornament from last year. I liked it instantly when I saw it at Hallmark. I waited until after Christmas to buy it, but I was excited nonetheless. I think a onesie is just very appropriate to commemorate a baby's first Christmas!

I didn't put up an entry yesterday because I was on a Longaberger bus tour of the Homestead and Dresden. By myself. It was a wonderful day. It was my birthday present! I had told #1 if he kept his job this summer (which he did) that this was what I wanted. What a nice day it was.
I digress. This is an ornament from when I was little. I honestly don't remember where I got it or who gave it to me, but I have my suspicions that it was from one of our trips to Disney. My Grandpa lived in Florida, and we spent every other or every three Christmases at his house. I can remember going to Disney a couple of times, something I hope I can do with our kids someday.

Ah! Today's ornament! Sorry about the lovely background. I took the pictures before we had decided to have a tree up, so I just tried to get some pictures. You can enjoy both my trim board and ornament. This one is from a Christmas wedding we attended when Snug was a baby. It was on the table to take home as a favor. I just thought I'd post it as an idea for anyone who may be having/someday have a Christmas wedding.

Can't wait to go see everyone elses ornaments, but I think it will wait until tomorrow. I am 100% exhausted and need to wash diapers still!


Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that onesie ornament. So cute--aren't you excited to buy girly ones? ;-)

Cop Mama said...

The onesie is adorable and I love the idea of a take home ornament.

Sorry you still have diapers to wash :-( Go get some rest afterwards, YOU'RE PREGNANT!

Cop Mama said...

Oh, I just noticed your ticker at the bottom says you are 20 weeks, 1 day pregnant. Congrats, you are HALF WAY!!!

Ok, I'll stop using caps now :-)

Blessedw5mom said...

Wow! Great ornaments! And Basket country!!!??? On your own??? What a treat!!! We love Longenberger too.

Colleen said...

I love that superman onesie. It made me smile.
My wedding was at Christmas and we gave ornaments as gifts, but didn't keep one for ourselves... I'm kind of bummed about that. I'm thinking of stealing the one off of my mother's tree. :)