Monday, December 28, 2009

Not Me...

Yes, yes, I realize that I have A) not done a 'Not me Monday" in ages and B) am using the old "Not Me Monday" button. I happen to not like the new one, and so I'm using the old one!

I haven't done a "Not Me" in forever because, well I think pregnancy brain just explains everything and I do dumb things all the time. However, this past week. Wow. I topped off my pregnancy brain big time with plain old dumb stuff!

I did not completely forget to wrap Snug (who is in LOVE with unwrapping) stocking stuffers so that when he dumped out his stocking there was a pile of little cars, a pad of notebook paper, applesauce, Fruitabu, and his ornament just laying there. The rest of us has nice little presents to open and he was a little bewildered. Not Me.

I did not feed my children leftover ham (thanks mom!) and Cheerios for Christmas dinner. After arriving home from MI there was not a veggie in the house, and I thought all the instant mashed potatoes were gone (and the real ones were smushy)...

...and after grocery shopping I did not find a brand new box of instant potatoes in the pantry. Not Me.

We did not arrive at church "barely on time" for Sunday School only to find out there wasn't any this week. We did not use the time between our arrival at church and the service actually starting to go grocery shopping.

I did not get equally (ok, ok ten times) as excited about the snow we are getting as Snug. I did not forget I was nearly 24 weeks pregnant when I made plans in my mind to play outside with Snug . Perhaps shoveling and romping should be left to daddy? I seriously forget ALL THE TIME that I am expecting. I seriously feel that good much of the time. Except I'm getting "fat".

I did not put my kids to bed at 6:45 one night because I was exhausted. When I realized what I had done, I did not go to bed myself at 7.

I did not fall in love with a house that would have been 99.8% of what we were looking for only to have it go off the market. I did not swear I would not get attached to a house and then not be able to buy it. Not Me.

I am sure there are many other things I have not done this week, but man!


Cop Mama said...

The instant potatoes - I've done that many times...Spagetti sauce, ketchup, cereal.

Sorry about the house but God knows where he wants you to be. It will happen in His timing.

Anonymous said...

Cop Mama is right. There is a house somewhere that will be just right for you. Enjoy the snow! We're getting lots today, too : ) Mom

Carrie said...

We forgot to plan a meal for when we came home Christmas Day. We ate peanut butter sandwiches and I STILL haven't gone shopping. Menu planning is on our agenda for tonight. :)

(I'm partial to the old button myself)