Wednesday, December 9, 2009

25 Days of Ornaments Dec 9 and OOPS

Oh my goodness gracious. I was clearly NOT clear yesterday. That 21 week 3-D ultrasound is a 21 week baby. Not my 21 week baby. I get an e-mail every so often saying "this is what your baby looks like". I feel very bad, because I had meant to mention that, and must have gotten distracted. I AM SO SORRY. She should look very much like that though. When I read your comments I thought "oh no!!!" and then I read what I wrote and thought "oh, duh!!!". Anyway, on to the ornaments, should be able to get that part right anyway!
Thanks Mama Bear for this blog carnival on ornaments. Today we are on day 9 and this week we are featuring handmade ornaments.
My Grandma used to paint us all an ornament that she made in her ceramics class each Christmas. When I say all of us, she had 10 grandchildren. I don't believe she MADE the ornaments, but she did paint them and fire them or whatever it is you do to make them shiny. This cute gingerbread man is one of several I have. I love to put them on the tree and remember Christmases with her. He actually isn't on the tree I don't believe this year as we are trying very hard to make sure everything is non-breakable this year.
In Dray news, Little Monkey had his last speech therapy for the 2009 year and is within 6 months of his age in language skills. Yeah! What a way to end 2009.
Snug is getting ready for Sunday where his class will be in the church Christmas program. I know it will just be like two songs, and only 1/2 of the kids will sing, but still I am excited because he's never been in a program before. This mommy will have a video camera on hand!
#1 is sick sick sick. Poor guy, he is even missing work tonight. He hardly ever ever takes a sick day, and if he does it is usually because I am sick and he is helping with the boys.
I am about 99.9% done with my Christmas shopping and 89.9% done wrapping. Last night I finished canning about 11 more quarts of applesauce to give away/eat this winter, and I sent out 75 Christmas cards today. WHEW. I am also hand delivering some to save on postage. I could have said I sent the cards yesterday, but I put on the last stamp as the mail man was leaving, so they went out today.
We have a showing of our house on Friday, DIRECTLY after the Draycare kids leave (oh joy) and an open house on Sunday. Busy busy busy!


Amanda said...

Yeah you being almost done with shopping!! That is a huge accomplishment!!! Cute ornament too... very talented grandma!


The Kampers said...

nice job! I still have baking and making and wrapping and so much to do. I was thinking fondly of last year. I had everything done and wrapped long before Elliot was born. I wish I had done that this year! Oh well.

Cop Mama said...

Oh my goodness, girl. You need to rest!

Too funny, I thought it was a picture of Hannah too! Oh well, I'm sure she's just as adorable.

What a cute idea your grandma had, to give an ornament to each grandchild. How sweet.

Blessedw5mom said...

cute ornament ... wish I was that close to being done with my shopping ... ugh

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Um, yeah. So....yeah. Not so much looking like Monkey. *blushing*

Praying for that showing to go well for you!

MelArcile said...

I still have *most of my ornaments from G.G. and my Grandma. We put our ornaments up today. Lots of good memories.

*from what I can remember - I have lots that

MelArcile said...
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Kim M said...

Love the ornament and the walk down memory lane. We've passed on Grandma's ornaments to Melissa and Kevin since they have their own homes and trees.

Our tree looks very different since theirs no longer adorn our tree.

Love the memories of looking at each ornament and thinking of when we got it or who made it for us. We have lots of pictures of the kids when they were younger. One day they will enjoy them also, but I am not ready to give them up just yet.

Reading your post made me tired! You are so organized! Good job!