Monday, December 7, 2009

25 Days of Christmas Ornaments Dec. 7

Thanks Mama Bear for doing this blog carnival in December. It has been a nice way to show some of my favorite ornaments on my tree. This week homemade ornaments are being featured. Fun, huh? If you want to join in, don't worry that we are in the second week, or if you don't want to/can't everyday. Just go to her blog and link to a post on your favorite ornament(s).
To start off my homemade ornaments for the week, I have a rivalry. Many of you already know about my husband and I rooting for rival college football teams.
These ornaments were made for us by the teacher I student taught for the next year. I had been hired at the same school. I don't know if they still do, but it used to be that most all of the teachers bought/made something small for everyone else. Everyone got an OSU colored one (I think they bought clear balls and then swirled paint in them) but I got both OSU and UofM.
These ornaments are NOT on my tree this year, to ensure that they are not broken, but in a few years they will be back up!
In other news....It was the Best of Times....It was the Worst of Times
Weekend Bests:
I got to go on a Longaberger bus tour. FUN FUN FUN
I got Hannah a tea set for when she is WAY older
My mom and dad were here on their way through from Florida
Our church had a wonderful service
Snug knows Luke 2:8-11 and is working on vs. 12&13
We went to a beautiful Christmas Concert at Cedarville University and the boys sat nicely
It snowed early this morning-just a dusting, but still!
Monday Worsts:
I found out what one of my Christmas presents was
I found out because it is a diaper sprayer and Monkey had 2 diapers bad enough in a row to warrant #1 getting it out of hiding
We don't have the right parts to install above diaper sprayer
The diapers continue, and one was so bad I threw up
Whatever is ailing Monkey's little pants is also keeping me in the bathroom
Little M from Draycare threw up all over himself and our couch
I had an extra kid today that I wasn't planning on
#1 is away from the house all day
I have to have holiday food ready for a party that wasn't on the calendar...TONIGHT
Forgive all the astrisks in my posts these days...Blogger randomly decides when I can put spaces between paragraphs and when I can't. Most of the time everything is one giant BLOB. Anyone know why?
Maybe I should have done a Not Me! Monday

Maybe I shouldn't be doing my Beth Moore study this week on Patience. That ALWAYS gets me into trouble! Maybe I can just skip this week and go on to Kindness!


Cop Mama said...

Oh I so remember how easily I got sick when I was pregnant. You poor thing! What a hectic schedule. Glad you had a chance to blog/vent about it. Take care!

Heather@ My Frugal Family said...

For the spacing issues, make sure you are not writing it in HTML. If that isn't the reason, then go into HTML, and add a:

< br> (without the space)

Put that anywhere you want a new paragraph to start, then view it in preview. Sometimes, you need to add 2 in.

CFMama said...

I hate when I find out my presents early!!!!!

And for the spacing, well Heather said it!!