Monday, December 14, 2009

25 Days or Ornaments and Luke 2 Video

Remember to go over to Mama Bear's blog to see what she has posted today for her ornament, and check out other people's too!

I'm trying to be better about taking pictures of ornaments ON the tree, not on our carpet. I think they look better anyway. These are ornaments we got as a wedding present. I got it from a family who went to Peru with our church when I was in high school. I loved that missions trip, and it was life changing. These I believe are gourds that have been hand painted. They were on top of a present, which I'll talk about in a little bit.
I also wanted to point out the red star which is part of our garland. I think we have 4 or 5 garlands like it (not all exactly the same, but enough to cover the whole tree) and they are from Ten Thousand Villages. Ten Thousand Villages is a fair trade organization who sell things handmade by people all over the world. I love their stuff!

This nativity was what was in the box that the ornaments above were tied on. Mary, Joseph, the animals, and Baby Jesus came as a set, also from Peru. (The creche and angel were added on later). One thing that I love about this nativity scene is that they are not white skinned, blue eyes people. Neither was Jesus. Although made to look South American, they are closer to what Jesus' family would have looked like than most of our American versions.
I have to talk about the angel too. I got her as a present from one of my first graders one year. I knew teaching in a public school that in order to get the nativity story in, I'd have to cover all aspects of the holiday season. We did every celebration I knew existed, and ended with Nativity. I think the kids picked up on what I believed because this little guys said "cause I know how much you liked that one angel story".

Oh, and I wanted to take a picture of some of the mittens I mentioned in this post.
Next up is a video of Snug saying Luke 2:8-12 He has worked really hard to memorize those verses. Don't plan on getting them out of him in real life, he gets really shy, but feel free to try. Sorry that the video is on its side.


Cop Mama said...

Oh such a sweetheart! He is so smart, he remembered all of that on his own! The side view is just fine, you have to catch em how ever you can :-)

Anonymous said...

I LOVED that! So glad he would say it for the camera : ) So glad that's in his mind as he celebrates Christmas this year. Grandmommy.

The Alburger Family said...

So sweet!! He did a great job!

nancy said...

How Awesome!!!!

Kim M said...

So very cool - he did a great job! Glad you got to capture it on video to savor the memory.