Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Love From Michigan

Well I just posted my 25 Days of Christmas ornaments post here, and now I will show you some pictures of what we are up to!Saturday was a lot of travel and we were all pretty tired. the drive is not easy on the kids, or on preggo mommy, but we arrived safe and sound and the boys did great. Sunday after church was my dad's side of the family Christmas. I was pretty excited to know I hadn't missed it. Here is Little Monkey and Grayson playing in their cousin's play kitchen.

Snug enjoyed the other cousin's toys as well. The kids all played together pretty well for only seeing each other maybe twice a year! My Grandma had five children (all at the party!) and those five children had 10 grandchildren (not all at the party). Those 10 grandchildren have had to date 15 great-grandchildren. Hannah will be #16, and we have no doubt the number will total at least 20 by the time we are done. What a legacy!
Here are seven of the 15!
These two little birdies had their mouths WIDE open for a bite!
Cousins are always a favorite part of this trip.
We've been reading lots of stories. Uncle Nathan is always up for a good snuggle.
This boy has been smiling and smiling and smiling.
My parents also have a really nice play area at their mall that we took advantage of with my cousin Melissa and her kids.
Sorry about the pants, we're having trouble with snaps these days, probably time for a bigger size. The mall and shopping were Monday's activities.

Today we headed out to Canterbury Village to look in their Christmas store and ride the carousel. This hedgehog (?) was telling the story of Snow White and it was all animated. Great distraction while we shopped.
The morning ended with a ride on an old carousel. Children under 4 had to have an adult, but the adult was free. Too bad the horses are too small for adults to ride!
This was Snug's favorite. I bought him a new winter coat (and hat) at Goodwill yesterday, because the zipper on his other coat was completely broken. The entire set seen here was less than $10. I love a bargain!
This afternoon started with some sledding alongside Aunt Danielle. They were ready for a hot soup lunch. I don't know who was more excited to play in the snow, Snug or Florida native Danielle!

Lots more planned for the next couple of days, but #1 just called to say we have "house news" so I might not be posting for awhile!!!!!!


Cop Mama said...

Looks like family fun!

I'll say a prayer for the "house news."

Kim M said...

Oh, what a beautiful post. Thanks for the comment about Grandma's legacy - it is pretty special. The pictures are wonderful and I've already enjoyed the memories they stirred inside.
Aunt Kim

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

I love the picture of the little birdies. So cute!

Goodwill is the best for winter clothes!!!

Amanda said...

My goodness that is a lot of activity!! ANd seven of FIFTEEN!?!?!! Wow!!

Be blessed!

MamaBear said...

Oh my! You've been busy! I loved your veggie tale ornament by the way! I would have bought one in a heartbeat if I could have found one. Should have made one out of felt I suppose!

Beth S. said...

And finally, a picture of you!!! Great to see you with your boys and having such a great time in the snow! Merry Christmas.

Ken said...

I just love all the photos of the boys with the Mahan's. What a wonderful time together! Merry Christmas!

Erin Morgan said...

the "Ken" comment was from me :)